Russian Ambassador: Norway will be responsible for the deployment of missile defense


The accession of Norway to the deployment of the European NATO missile defense system (EUROPRO) not without response on the part of Russia. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Norway Teimuraz Ramishvili, reports TASS.

He explained that becoming a NATO Outpost in the Arctic region, the country will provoke appropriate actions from the Russian side, “neutralize the effect of the possible creation of one of the elements of the ABM shield”.

Ramishvili suggests that this situation in Norway will react violently.

“Or Norway have to understand that becoming a NATO Outpost, it will have to be face to face with Russia, with Russian military power. It (accession of Norway to the European missile defense system – approx. ed.) will become a new factor to be taken into account in our strategic planning, as the emergence of additional problems in the Arctic, and then on a peaceful Arctic will be forgotten,” said he.

The Ambassador noted that the Russian side is trying to speak on these topics, trying to avoid an arms race in the Arctic region. However, due to the lack of the negotiation process and “the unwillingness of the Norwegian side to talk with their neighbors about concerns they may have,” such discussions in recent time there are increasingly.