Published the very first picture of Luke Skywalker

Published the very first picture of Luke Skywalker

American actor mark Hamill posted a picture in the image of Luke Skywalker from the first day of filming of “Star wars. Episode IV: a New hope”. The post appeared on Twitter account of the artist.

“Filmed in Tunisia in the early morning of the first day, I’m waiting for my first take (where I leave the house and go to sell the robot) is probably the first photograph of Luke,” Hamill wrote under the post.

Taken in Tunisia early morning Day #1 waiting for my 1st shot (emerging from home for robot auction) is Perhaps the very 1st #LukePic #SW

— Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) on March 18, 2017
Personalar Hamill

Comments asked what the actor was thinking at that moment: was he unhappy that around dusty and he had to get up early in the morning, or knew that was going to be a star.

“According to my embarrassed expression, both,” replied Hamill.

The shooting of “Star wars. Episode IV: a New hope” (according to the chronology of the release is the first part of the franchise) passed in 1976.

Star wars — a fantastic epic, created by Director George Lucas. It currently consists of the original trilogy (with a fourth to sixth episode) the trilogy-the prequel (first to third episodes), one sequel (the seventh episode), as well as spin-off of “the Outcast One. Star wars: History.” The eighth episode of the franchise will be released in December 2017.