Pigeons flying over our island: the prison from which no escape

Pigeons flying over our island: the prison from which no escape

MOSCOW, 20 Mar — RIA Novosti. The famous prison of Alcatraz was closed on March 21 1963. “The impenetrable”, the “most strict”, “most famous” — as it was called. Escape from Alcatraz was impossible.

RIA Novosti remembered the prison-island, which claim the glory of such places of detention.


The first on the island in the Bay of San Francisco built a protective Fort, after it was converted into a military prison, and then to prison for dangerous criminals. The location is more than successful: the island is in the middle of the Bay with strong sea currents, which provides natural insulation. The first prisoners of Alcatraz became POWs of the Civil war. To 1920-m to years of Alcatraz was converted into a Federal prison.

The prison was designed for 330 people. Each prisoner began at 6:30 am with cleaning in the chamber. 7:00 — roll call and going into the dining room. The meal was given 20 minutes. After that, the prisoners went to work in the Laundry, Shoe-making or tailoring shops, in the garden. Closer to 12:00 — lunch and again at work. About five prisoners returned to the cells. Lights out at 21:30. Visits from families or access to the library was considered a privilege that must be earned by perfect behaviour.

They are not able to find neither alive nor dead, so perhaps a lucky escape all the same place.

In 1963 the prison was closed.


Island prison Rikers is located in the East river, new York. It is the largest penal colony in the world, and its annual budget reaches almost a billion dollars. In addition to the 10 prison blocks, the complex consists of gymnasiums, playgrounds, barbershops, chapels, power stations, car washes and other “household” of the room. In 2009, the permanent population of the island, most of whom were prisoners, consisted of 11 350. Infrastructure has a capacity of 14 thousand prisoners.

When the prison is overcrowded, detainees are held in a special 800-seat barge, the world’s only prison ship.

It is equipped according to all standards: there is a place for walking, Playground, library and Church. In its history only four escape attempts.

With Rikers is due to several major scandals. In particular, in 2007 the inmates beaten to death 18-year-old prisoner in front of the guards, and after checking the companies, it became clear that the incident was in order.

Vologda nickle

Correctional colony of special regime for life-sentenced prisoners located on Fire island, near Belozersk, Vologda region. Initially there was a male of the Kirillo-Nowotarski monastery, however, after October 1917 it was converted into a prison for “enemies of the revolution”. In heavy thirties and forties, the building transformed into a colony for political prisoners in the Gulag in the 1950s — in a sub-camp of strict regime. The prison in the form in which it exists today, was formed in the late 1990s. Here taken prisoners who were sentenced to life in prison.

The chamber doors hanging signs listing the articles on which sit the prisoners. It is believed that it does not allow the guards to be vigilant and does not allow to establish an emotional contact with prisoners. Almost every prisoner hopes for Amnesty or PAROLE. But most psychologists agree that after a dozen years in such a prison people can’t adapt to normal life in society.


The Norwegian prison island of Bastøy was in this list for one reason: it is perhaps the only penal institution for dangerous criminals, from which hardly anyone would want to escape. Paradoxically, prisoners dream to get here.

The Norwegian prison system — a byword. It is famous for its humanity. Bastøy island is an hour drive from Oslo. It is a beautiful place with beaches and sports grounds. This fall is especially dangerous — murderers, rapists, drug dealers. The “fix” they are using works in the woods, in the gardens, caring for Pets.

The only possible way to repair on the island believe work. Each prisoner has a job daily pay salary. With this money, the prisoners can buy food or clothes at a local store. With this system, the cost of detention of criminals has been reduced to two and a half times.

Free time at cons too: they can read books in the library, surf the Internet, watch TV, play sports and even music.