In Volgograd have closed the case against cleans sheets in a Russian flag janitors

In Volgograd have closed the criminal case about the desecration of the national flag in respect to janitors who cleans the leaves with the help of the tricolor. On Tuesday, March 21, RIA Novosti reported in the regional investigation Department of the investigative Committee.

The reasons for this decision are not specified.

The case was initiated on 9 November 2016. Two days before, it refused to do for lack of evidence. Janitors left without premiums, the boss of the area was released from his position.

Later that same day, the Prosecutor’s office traktorozavodskogo district has cancelled the decision about refusal in excitation of business. Such decision is explained by the incompleteness of the conducted verification activities.

About cleaning the fallen leaves in the flag of Russia on 26 October law enforcement agencies said a local resident. The janitors claimed that the flag was not Russian as the flag was upside down and the red bar on top.