In the fall of the glider in the Moscow region killed a man

The glider fell near Batyushkovo village in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region. On Monday, March 20, “the” has informed a source.

It is known that the pilot of the aircraft was 65 years old, he fell from a height of 40 metres and died on the spot. The circumstances of the incident and the victim’s identity is being investigated.

According to the information of EMERCOM in Moscow region, the man ran daltelecom, all occurred on the territory of flying club “Paralet”. “At launch from the road near the airfield hit the ground and rolled over on his side del’talet”, — said the Agency TASS.

In the summer of 2016 near the village of Khomutovo in the Yaroslavl region in the crash of a paraglider pilot was killed. The man received injuries incompatible with life.

Del’talet — engine aircraft with a flexible Delta wing and balance control, equipped with a chassis.

Glider non-powered aircraft heavier than air flight control which is carried out by displacement of the center of mass due to movement of the pilot relative to the suspension point.