In Greece recorded a sharp increase in arrivals from Turkey illegals

The Greek authorities over the last three days has seen a sharp increase in the number arriving from Turkey of refugees. It is reported by Die Welt.

As noted, until recently daily to the Islands of the country we traveled for about 35 people, and in the last days their number has increased five times.

According to the border guards, from 18 to 20 March in the Greek territory were 443 refugee. Authorities have linked the increase in traffic established in the region with good weather conducive to the penetration of illegal immigrants.

At the same time in Athens with concern the situation in connection with the recent promise by Ankara to break the prisoner a year ago a deal with the European Union. March 15, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs ömer çelik said that his country had fulfilled its part of the agreement at that time, as the countries of the European Union, his words not kept. According to the Minister, it became apparent that Brussels cannot take an objective position on visa liberalization for Turkish citizens.

In late January, Ankara has demanded from Athens to issue eight fugitive soldiers, promising in case of failure to cut a deal with Greece on migrants.

7 March 2016 in Brussels between Turkey and the European Union reached an agreement according to which Ankara has pledged to take back all refugees entering into Greece in transit through Turkish territory. In return, Turkey was promised a visa-free regime with the EU countries, the acceleration of negotiations on integration with the European Union and the allocation of financial assistance to address the migration crisis.