Grushko explained the dangers of high activity of NATO near the Russian borders


RIA Novosti

Increased activity of NATO along Russia’s borders creates a new reality, can lead to spiral of the arms race, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“In General, in totality, this whole set of events, coupled with increased military activity, I mean, first of all, exercises and other trainings that NATO almost on a daily basis exercises along our borders. All of this creates a new reality. And we know from the history of the cold war that such a mixture of military planning and policy, it, in General, leads to a spiral of arms race to spiral confrontational, which would leave very difficult,” — said Grushko.

The Russian Ambassador also noted the continued “the approach of NATO military infrastructure”. “Work is underway to improve the airfield network, ports, is working on certification of the supply routes, the elimination of various bureaucratic barriers that prevent free movement of forces,” — said Grushko.

According to him, on the Eastern flank of today there is, first of all, the deployment of four battalions, “it’s an American programme of calming of allies, so-called, within which a rotation of an American armoured brigade”.

“Also on the Eastern flank is the extra set of arms for one reinforced brigade in warehouses in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It is the creation of two headquarters in Bucharest and Szczecin. It is the creation of eight of the coordinating cells. This increased air presence, the presence of the air force in the Baltic States. Was one base, now three, sometimes even four. This is a gain, and a permanent naval presence of NATO in the Baltic, the Black sea,” — said Grushko.

According to him, we must take into account, “as from a political point of view, of course, and with the military”.