Arkhangelsk road covered with parquet in front of the Arctic forum

In the Arkhangelsk workers laid out the road flooring instead of asphalt, writing in the community “Vkontakte” “Arkhangelsk life”.

According to the publication “Echo of the North”, a parquet carpet appeared in the city a few days ago. It starts from the Maritime station and ends in front of the crosswalk on Trinity Avenue to the main building, Northern (Arctic) Federal University. According to officials, work on the laying of asphalt in Arkhangelsk will spend the summer.

March 29-30, Arkhangelsk will host the international forum “Arctic — territory of dialogue”. It is expected about 1.5 thousand participants from 14 countries, including the UK, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, China, Norway, USA, Finland, Switzerland, Japan. The heads of the largest Russian and international companies operating in the Arctic, international experts, politicians and scientists.

In 2013 Baku workers laid out the road gravestones. A few days later a shower of rain, which washed away the dust, after which it became clear that the roadway consists of the headstones were visible pictures of the dead.