The court in Warsaw sentenced the accused to Russian espionage to 4 years of prison

The court in Warsaw sentenced the accused to Russian espionage to 4 years of prison

WARSAW, 20 Mar — RIA Novosti. The district court in Warsaw on Monday sentenced a Russian citizen to four years in prison on charges of espionage, reports the news Agency PAP.

“Four years in prison for lawyer Stanislav sh., accused in espionage in favor of Russia,” the court ruled.

The prosecution asked to sentence the first Russian to 10 years in prison, but then reduced the requirement to 6 years. The defence argued for acquittal.

Lawyer Stanislav S. (according to Polish law, the name of the defendant is not disclosed) was arrested in October 2014 on suspicion of espionage in favor of Russia. The defendant, who has Polish and Russian citizenship, classified, the trial was held behind closed doors.

Parents Stanislaus, said earlier that the case relies on the testimony of an undercover agent — an employee of the internal security Agency of Poland, whose name was not disclosed. According to them, all of the prosecution’s case during his detention their son’s custody was not confirmed.

Local media in the context of this case regularly mention the interest of Russian lawyer energy issues: he worked in a law firm that provided legal support to the construction part of Gasport in świnoujście.

In addition, it is emphasized that Stanislav S., attended the meeting of the Polish Sejm and economic forums, including in Ukraine and Belarus. The parents of the detainee explained that the usual interest in the work, stressing that all trips of their son took place at the initiative of the employer.