In new York arrested were wanted for murder of Russian woman

Victoria Nasyrova

The new York police Department detained the citizen of Russia Victoria nasyrovu, which was in the international wanted list on suspicion of committing the homeland of the murder. Reported by the New York Post.

Nasyrov was in the search database of Interpol in 2015 after she managed to leave Russia. She first went to Mexico, where forged documents moved to the United States.

Russian authorities suspect nasyrovu in killing Hope Alexeyeva, committed in October 2014 in Krasnodar, and stealing from her large sums of money raised from the sale of the house.

It is reported that to trace zloumyshlennitsy managed thanks to the efforts of a private investigator, acting on behalf of daughter Alexeyeva Hope Ford. The detective was able to calculate nasyrovu it records left in the social networks. In addition, the detective was able to establish that during a party, suspect in a state of heavy intoxication, admitted to drinking buddies in the crime of murder in Russia.

This information was passed to law enforcement bodies, after which the police conducted the arrest.