In France the emergency services 45 minutes to “save” a little girl bored

In France the emergency services 45 minutes to “save” a little girl bored

PARIS, 20 Mar — RIA Novosti, Victoria Ivanova. Four-year-old French woman, remaining at home alone, phoned emergency services, and the responding policeman talked to the kid for 45 minutes until the return of her mother, TV channel France3.

The case occurred in Beauvais on Friday, however, the story spread in the media a few days later. Four-year-old girl, bored, called the number, which the French remember from childhood: she got on the phone “17” and contacted the emergency services.

The policeman who answers the call of the child, remained in touch with her 45 minutes to make sure the girl is safe.

As he said later, “the girl was very talkative and asked a lot of questions.”

At the same time, his colleague was looking for the parents of a little girl. In the end, it turned out that the child’s mother went shopping.

Back home, mom was surprised to find that her daughter is on the phone with the policeman. A law enforcement officer reminded the woman that to leave kids unattended is dangerous. To the place of residence of the child came patrol, who made sure that the girl is all right.

In turn, the girl’s heart went out to his interlocutor during the conversation that he wanted to give him a toy and to invite to birthday. The channel does not report, did the policeman a gift and an invitation.