Assad commented on the incident with the Israeli air force attack

Bashar Al-Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad called the right and duty of protecting the country’s borders. Such a statement he made in connection with the threat of Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to destroy air defense systems to Syria in case of attack against Israeli aircraft, according to RIA Novosti.

“Protection of our borders is our right and duty. If we’re not going to do as government, that the Syrian people will have to judge us,” — said Assad.

According to him, Damascus does not have to wonder, to protect or not to protect, “regardless of whether the statements of the Israeli authorities or not.” “We are not building our policies and decisions on their applications. So, of course, it is our right and duty, again,” he said.

While Assad expressed hope that Russia will play a role in how to prevent the recurrence of the attack of Syria by Israel. “From what we heard, this morning the Russian foreign Ministry invited the Ambassador of Israel to discuss the Israeli violations of Syrian sovereignty. So I think Russia can play an important role in this sense, Russia’s policy in General is based on international law, the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions,” — said the Syrian leader.

“So Russia can discuss these issues with the Israelis on the basis of these criteria, and Russia can play a role in the fact that Israel never attacked Syria,” said Assad.

March 17 Israeli air force aircraft during attacks on targets in Syria were fired on by antiaircraft missiles. The Prime Minister of the Jewish state Benjamin Netanyahu said that the RAID was undertaken “to prevent advanced weapons falling in the hands of the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah””.