The defense Ministry demanded that the US explain the attack on the Syrian village


RIA Novosti

Defence Ministry awaiting a review of the international coalition led by the United States, about the air attack Syrian village of al-juna. This is stated in the report of the representative of the military Department Igor Konashenkov, arrived in edition “”.

According to him,discovered in the wreckage of the attack guided missile AGM-114 Hellfire “is not left to the West likely to remain silent”.

Konashenkov said that the first reports of the deaths of people in the village by aerial attack published “the Syrian network for human rights”. “And this news already hints at the involvement of the Russian or Syrian aircraft quickly picked up by prominent media outlets (Bild and Euronews)”, — he said.

We are talking about the reports of mass casualties one of the Syrian villages near El Ataribe (province of Aleppo). According to “the Syrian network for human rights” from the place, because of the hit on the mosque in the evening of March 16, killed 42 local resident of more than 300 were there.

The us military is still night March 17, acknowledged the incorrect goal but explained the reason for its application. “The mosque was not the target, we attacked the building located 15 meters from her,” said Colonel John Thomas, a representative of USCENTCOM (Central regional command of the U.S. armed forces). He stressed that the building held a meeting of militants “al-Qaeda”, and “some of them were killed.”