On the field of Mars, gathered at least five hundred people

On the field of Mars, gathered at least five hundred people

On the field of Mars began a rally graduading.

As the correspondent of “Fontanka”, according to at 14.00, in the center of St. Petersburg gathered for meeting at least 500 people. At the moment, people continue to gather for a rally around the Champs de Mars are paddy wagons.

Peter, right now, the field of Mars #Petersburg pic.twitter.com/7VEj8yon6a

— Tatiana Marshanova (@nevex_tv) 18 Mar 2017

Alexander @dekadenizm Belyaev from movement Citizen Pushkin @pushkingo pic.twitter.com/DwbXWjLTKN

— Vadim Sukhodolsky (@sukhodolsky) 18 Mar 2017

We will remind that on January, 10th the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko told reporters that the issue of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral is solved. This caused a mixed reaction: the society was divided into supporters and opponents of the move of the Museum and the transfer of the Church of the ROC.

The opposition has filed a lawsuit to challenge published Smolny orders to plan the transfer of the temple. However, while all claims lost. Deputies Boris Vishnevsky, Maxim Reznik, Sergey Tromadance, Oksana Dmitriev and Alexei Kovalev have already held three protests against the transfer of the people’s Assembly on St. Isaac’s square, rally on the Champ de Mars and the protest dance around the Cathedral.

Human rights activist Dinar Idrisov with a group of activists held pickets twice in the Museum building of the temple, after which the deputies of “United Russia”, said on insulting the feelings of believers. Supporters of the transfer conducted a few small actions-pickets, after which the ROC has decided to conduct two cross procession around the temple. On them after the circular distribution to all parishes about the need to come came a few thousand people.

The order about the plan-the transfer Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Smolny was published in 30 Dec 2016, but no official requests from the Russian Orthodox Church in the Committee for property relations is not received, in connection with what officials say only about a possible transfer, but not starting formal process.

However, on March 13, the Committee on culture held a meeting in which the Museum requested to calculate the possibility of export of 26 thousand exhibits from the building of the Cathedral

Supposedly it was proposed, among other things, to calculate whether it is possible to move all the values by Easter, April 16. It was on this day insisted in the legislative Assembly and the Council of rectors.