United States secret service 16 minutes and chased the intruder at the White house

US secret service couldn’t catch the intruder infiltrated the White house for 16 minutes. It is reported by Politico magazine.

The incident occurred on 10 March, however it became known of it just now.

The man entered the residence through the fence. It was about 23:22 local time. Only at 23:38 the offender was detained and identified. His name is Jonathan Tran (Jonathan Tran). It is noted that he has violated the prohibition without a specific purpose. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

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“Employees from the Secret service very disappointed and angry in connection with the events of March 10,” the report says.

About the incident interviewed more than 50 people. Officers reviewing video and studying the radio traffic to figure out how that was possible. It is noted that before completion of the investigation, measures will be taken to eliminate the gaps in security.

On 16 March it became known that employees of the U.S. Secret service guarding the eight-year-old grandson of President Donald trump, made a selfie with a sleeping baby. The boy woke up at the time of shooting. Regarding agents launched an investigation.