The Russian from the “file” BuzzFeed threatened a court in Cyprus

The Russian from the “file” BuzzFeed threatened a court in Cyprus

The defendant in the “dossier” BuzzFeed, the head of the company Russian Internet expert Alexei Gubarev intends to sue his former press Secretary Olga Galkina.

About this “Kommersant” reported Ms. Galkina and representatives of the legal Bureau Evgoras Anastasiou & Associates LLC Law Firm representing her interests in Cyprus.

According to former press Secretary today Mr Gubarev was sent to pre-trial claim in which she accuses him of trying to destroy its business reputation and stealing documents her infant son.

“After several months of work in the company of Alexei Gubarev, she faced the fact that he is trying to interfere with her career, by spreading defamatory information about her and her family — said “Kommersant” the lawyer Alex Minchin, representing the interests of Mrs. Galkina. Under Cypriot law, Mr. Gubarev now have a month to resolve the conflict with the applicant in the pretrial order, if this is not done, the case will be sent for consideration to the court.”

Before departure to Cyprus Olga Galkina led the press service of Rostekhnadzor and was Vice-mayor of Saratov.

In early February it became known that Alexei Gubarev, in turn, has filed a lawsuit against the portal BuzzFeed for mentioning his name in the published report on the collection of the Russian authorities incriminating evidence about the President of the United States Donald trump. This was reported by the newspaper Politico. According to the publication, the Russians demanded compensation of at least $15 thousand BuzzFeed brought Alexei Gubarev apology and removed his name from the publication. Mister Gubarev said that he had no contact with Russian intelligence.

Ilya Barabanov