In Vladivostok 17.5 thousand people came to the Crimea dedicated to the rally

In Vladivostok held a rally dedicated to the three year anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. The event was attended by about 17.5 thousand people. This was reported on the website of the Primorsky territory administration. It is noted that the rally was attended by representatives of 100 organizations, as well as pupils, students, veterans, athletes and military personnel. A festive speech before the gathered was made by the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky. It is suggested to make Crimea and Primorye twinned regions. “Many locals are vacationing in the Crimea in Soviet times. My parents, like many other families, went to the Crimea every year, and this kind of nostalgia. Therefore, for many it will be a nice moment,” he said. Festive events were held in other cities of Russia. In particular, in Moscow at 10:00 on Saturday, March 18, in the Sparrow hills opened the

Moscow mayor’s office denied the Bulk in the procession along Tverskaya

Alexei Navalny Moscow city hall has denied Alexei Navalny in March from Tverskaya Zastava on the streets 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya and Tverskaya, and in the meeting on the street Okhotny Ryad on March 26. This follows from the opposition published a document of the Department of regional security and combating corruption. The event was planned with the purpose of “speech in support of the requirement to investigate the facts of corruption of senior officials”. The declared number of participants — 15 thousand people. “The March on the claimed route would entail a violation of the functioning of vital facilities, transport and social infrastructure”, — the document says. It also States that the event will interfere with the movement of pedestrians and cars, would limit the access of citizens to residential premises and violate the rights and interests of those people who do not participate in the March. In addition, in the

In St. Petersburg FSB detained the owner of the General contractor of the “New Crosses” Victor Kudrin

In St. Petersburg FSB detained the owner of the General contractor of the “New Crosses” Victor Kudrin The owner of the company “GSK” Victor Kudrin, being the General contractor during the construction of the “prisoners” were detained in St. Petersburg. In his country house and office were searched. He is charged with “embezzlement”. This continues the story of the arrest for incitement of murder of the Deputy chief of the Federal penitentiary service, Colonel Moyseenko. According to “Fontanka”, the evening of 17 March in country house in an elite settlement in Yuccas of the owner of the construction company “GSK” Victor Kudrin, being the General contractor during the construction of the “New Crosses”, arrived field investigators of Department “M” (control over law enforcement structures) of the FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region and conducted a search. The Victor Kudrin, they were taken to the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg

Ukrainian scientists have announced the creation of the cancer drugs

Ukrainian scientists have announced the creation of the cancer drugs KYIV, 17 Mar — RIA Novosti. Ukrainian scientists working at the polar station “Akademik Vernadsky” Antarctic, managed to create a cure for cancer, said the Director of the National Antarctic center of Ukraine Valeriy Litvinov in an interview with the TSN news service of the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1”. “Our biologists have created a cure based on Antarctic microorganisms that live there in extreme conditions and have extreme possibility. And these drugs help even cancer of the fourth degree,” said Litvinov in an interview published on the website of TSN on Friday. According to the head of center, biological Institute of the University named after Taras Shevchenko have already received a license for the drug, which is called the “Melovit”, but until a cure is unavailable for people. Scientists have conducted only animal testing, they still have a long and

Michelle Obama came to the children’s cooking TV show

Michelle Obama came to the children’s cooking TV show The former first lady of US Michelle Obama came to the children’s cooking shows, Junior Master Chef (“Best chef in America: Children”). About it reports The Independent. The wife of the former President was special guest of the transmission. Program participants were offered ingredients, inspired by the famous garden of the first lady on the White house grounds. Michelle Obama Went on ‘MasterChef Junior’ and the Kids Could Not Handle It — Marie Claire (@marieclaire) 17 Mar 2017 Obama asked the contestants to come up with an original recipe that meets the principles of healthy eating. Some young chefs were delighted to welcome a guest: according to them, Obama is a “wonder woman”. Other cast members were not very happy with the job, because “vegetables are evil.” The transfer was recorded in the period when the US President was

In the Kaliningrad zoo parrot Monica calm music “Leningrad”

In the Kaliningrad zoo parrot Monica calm music “Leningrad” KALININGRAD, 17 Mar — RIA Novosti. The female blue-yellow macaw parrot named Monica from the Kaliningrad zoo ornithologists unlearn bad habits, in particular, from samodisciplina, with the help of the music group “Leningrad”, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the zoo Ekaterina Mikhailova. “In order to rid the bird of the habit — samodisciplina, she periodically include a variety of tunes ranging from children’s songs to modern compositions. After several weeks of experiments ornithologists have determined that the best Monica responds to energetic rhythms, and her favorite by far was the song “Louboutins” Sergei Shnurov,” — said Mikhailov. The representative of the zoo said that as a result of music therapy Monica was much calmer. Now the bird spends energy on “dancing.” Parrot has ceased to be nervous at the appearance of visitors, and even began to speak. Monica can already say

Medvedchuk said the demand for the image of Russia-the aggressor from the West

Photo: RIA Novosti The leader of the movement “Ukrainian choice”, the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin Viktor Medvedchuk in an interview with RT said that the West demonstrates the demand generated by the image of the Kiev Russia-the aggressor. “There is a saying that today Ukraine produces one competitive product is the formation of Russia’s image of the aggressor. Apparently, there is in the West, the demand and interest is there and in Brussels and Washington,” he said. Medvedchuk noted that this policy is contrary to the interests of the majority of Ukrainians. In his opinion, the image is for policy, for the collection of dividends by Ukrainian authorities to use them at the next election. Earlier, Medvedchuk said that the official Kyiv authorities after the events in the year 2014 has lost the monopoly on force.

EU condemned Russia for providing the inhabitants of the Crimea Russian passports

Photo: RIA Novosti The European Parliament issued a joint resolution on the situation in Crimea and the Ukrainian prisoners in Russia. The document published on the website. It says that on the Peninsula “the situation has deteriorated with human rights, there is a violation of freedom of speech, is the impact on the media and the forced introduction of Russian citizenship”. In the opinion of the European Parliament, all it says is that “fundamental human rights are not guaranteed in Crimea.” The resolution also stresses that “Russia’s decision of 21 March 2014 accession of Crimea is illegal” and “strongly condemns the decision of the Russian authorities to provide all residents of the Crimea Russian passports”. The European Parliament argues that the Crimean Tatars, the indigenous people of the Peninsula, “are the main target for repression.” Earlier, the US state Department said that sanctions against Russia in connection with accession of

Politico: the White house may have broken the rules by intervening in the FBI investigation in Russia

Politico: the White house may have broken the rules by intervening in the FBI investigation in Russia The head of the White house, the Raines Pribus could violate the rules regarding interference in the activities of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), according to Politico. The publication refers to the document the White house, according to which only the President, Vice-President and legal counsel are authorized to discuss the investigation with the Prosecutor General and his deputies. All the other officials for the right to debate must obtain the approval of the White house. As Politico recalls, Primus Raines demanded that the FBI denied trapped in the media report on alleged ties of U.S. President Donald trump with the Russian intelligence. Request the head of administration of the USA has violated the provision of the established rules. While the representative of the White house Sarah Sanders argues that Mr. Pribus

What they argued and found that total trump and Merkel

What they argued and found that total trump and Merkel The first meeting between Donald trump and Angela Merkel, which took place on Friday in Washington, was expected with great interest. After all, the local press and experts have called them almost opposites. Both times were critical about the attitudes and statements of each other. Trump is impulsive, emotional. His approaches challenge the traditional thinking of Western elites and more in tune with the rising popularity of nationalist sentiments in the Old world. He criticized the historical alliances, open borders in Europe, free trade, and the European Union called “engine for the interests of Germany”. Merkel is reticent, cold-blooded. In a traditional key for Western policy in recent decades, she is a supporter of globalization, its liberal approach to trade and immigration. It is now in the West is sometimes called “the new leader of the free world” and not