Zhirinovsky explained his promise to hang up United Russia

Zhirinovsky explained his promise to hang up United Russia LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky explained his promise to “shot and hanged”, which was made at the meeting of the state Duma on March 15. According to him, it was a “figure of speech” which has nothing to do with the deputies. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that his words about the shooting and the hanging, said at the last meeting of the state Duma, do not belong to the deputies of United Russia or other parties represented in the Russian Parliament, reports “Interfax”. According to him, his last phrase about the shootings and hangings “some comrades incorrectly understood”. “I was talking about the mafia, about crime, about crime, about corruption, it is to him my appeal. What does this have to the deputies? Yes I do not know a lot of you (MPs) it has no relation”, — said Zhirinovsky, speaking

Israel denied reports of a downed Syrian army plane

Israel denied reports of a downed Syrian army plane Israeli defense Ministry said that no aircraft was damaged during operations in Syria, which took place on March 17. About it reports Reuters. “The security of Israeli citizens, or aircraft of the Israeli air force have not been subjected to [the danger],” the Agency quoted the words of the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Israel. On the morning of Friday, March 17, the Israeli air force flew into Syrian airspace and attacked a military target near Palmyra. During this attack Syrian air defenses shot down one Israeli plane and damaged a second, said in the Syrian army. In the Israeli army confirmed earlier that the Syrian military fired at Israeli planes with anti-aircraft missiles. None of the missiles reached their targets, one of them was destroyed by the air defense systems of Israel.

The leader of Boko Haram has denied the release of the five thousand hostages

Abubakar Shekau The leader of the banned in Russia organization “West African province of the Islamic state,” better known under the old name of Boko Haram, denied reports about the release of the five thousand hostages. About it reports Reuters. “Enough lies that you killed 60 of our soldiers and freed 20 children, and that you have freed another five thousand people,” — said the leader of the group Abubakar Shekau in circulation, addressed to the Cameroonian President Paul Biya. He also confirmed that the group takes responsibility for the undermining of the suicide bomber in Maiduguri and the attack on the city Magumeri in the South-East of Nigeria. Both protests were carried out by Islamists last week. Previously, on 17 March it was reported that soldiers of the United forces of the West African Union liberated about five thousand people who were in the captivity of Boko Haram. The

Netanyahu explained the RAID launched by Israeli aircraft in Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that air force planes struck targets in Syria to prevent advanced weapons falling into the hands of the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah”. A statement from the office of the Prime Minister was distributed on Friday, March 17, reports TASS. “Our policy is consistent: in case of detection of attempts to transfer advanced weapons “Hezbollah”, and if we have intelligence, if we have the operational opportunity we do the work to prevent such a development,” — said Netanyahu. “This is what happened, and that’s what will happen,” he added. About the RAID by Israeli aircraft in Syria became known on Friday morning. In Damascus said that four Israeli aircraft violated the air border of Syria, one of these machines was shot down by air defense forces. According to the military, another aircraft was damaged. It was explained that the aim of the Israeli aircraft were

The Kremlin relied on the recognition by Ukraine of the Russian status of Crimea

Moscow hopes that in the end the Kiev government recognize the Russian Crimea, said the official representative of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. On Friday, March 17, the correspondent “reports Tapes.ru”. “We hope that sooner or later Kiev will respect the will of several million people in Crimea and will take the results of that vote,” — said Peskov. He stressed that the population expressed their opinion after the event, “which occurred in Kiev and which has resulted in serious threats for millions of Crimeans”. Peskov drew attention to the fact that the decision on the referendum took “legitimate body of the Crimean, which was at the time, was created on the basis of the current legislation in Ukraine.” On the eve of 16 March, the US state Department announced that Washington will maintain restrictive measures against Russia imposed over the annexation of Crimea to Russia. On the same day, Peskov

The Communists considered it a provocation rumors about the disease Zyuganov

Gennady Zyuganov Information about the illness of the Chairman of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov does not correspond to reality, said the Deputy of the state Duma from fraction of Communists, the press Secretary of the leader of the party Alexander Yushchenko. His words leads TASS on Friday, March 17. “This is a blatant provocation and utter nonsense. Those who write nonsense, I would like to recommend to participate with Zyuganov in some sporting activities, work schedule and see what great physical and working shape it is”, — Yushchenko said, commenting on the words of the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov about the deteriorating health policies. Earlier Friday, Venediktov wrote in his Twitter blog that the leader of the Communist party is “under constant medical supervision” because of heart problems. “The Communists and June 12 (2012 — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) concealed a heart attack Zyuganov. It would

The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of undermining their own territorial integrity

Dmitry Peskov Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Ukraine deliberately undermines its own territorial integrity, leaving its citizens without support. His words on Friday, March 17, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”. “How a country — in this case Ukraine — has strongly and consistently rejects from their own regions, thereby condemning millions of its citizens to live without social, no Bank, no medical, no legal and documentary support, of course, is quite an unprecedented situation,” said Peskov. According to him, the Kremlin believes that it is not yet time to cancel the decision on recognition in Russia of documents of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics (DND and LNR). “This measure is really necessary and above all Moscow was guided by humanitarian considerations. And how developed, to our regret, the situation demonstrates the correctness of the decisions that were taken in this direction”, — said Peskov.

The robbers caused panic at the Piazza San Marco in Venice

The robbers caused panic at the Piazza San Marco in Venice ROME, 17 Mar — news, Sergey Startsev. Fear and even panic experienced on Friday, the residents of Venice and tourists, when the clubs dense gray smoke suddenly clouded almost all the world famous Piazza San Marco. “It happened about two o’clock in the afternoon (16.00 GMT). From the famous Campanile near St. Mark suddenly threw the thick and acrid smoke. In the air spread a nasty chemical smell. Nothing like none of us, the Venetians, had never seen. To be honest, immediately thought of gloomy thoughts about a possible terrorist attack or some event of this kind”, — said by telephone RIA Novosti, the eyewitness of the incident, the Manager of one of the hotels which is located close to the main Cathedral of Venice. As it turned out, the cause of the unusual incident were the actions of