Netanyahu explained the RAID launched by Israeli aircraft in Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that air force planes struck targets in Syria to prevent advanced weapons falling into the hands of the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah”. A statement from the office of the Prime Minister was distributed on Friday, March 17, reports TASS.

“Our policy is consistent: in case of detection of attempts to transfer advanced weapons “Hezbollah”, and if we have intelligence, if we have the operational opportunity we do the work to prevent such a development,” — said Netanyahu.

“This is what happened, and that’s what will happen,” he added.

About the RAID by Israeli aircraft in Syria became known on Friday morning. In Damascus said that four Israeli aircraft violated the air border of Syria, one of these machines was shot down by air defense forces. According to the military, another aircraft was damaged.

It was explained that the aim of the Israeli aircraft were the objects of the Syrian security forces in the area of Palmyra.

It was also reported that the military fired anti-aircraft missile system of Soviet production, With 200.

In the Israel defense forces said the aircraft returned to base without loss, and at least one from the Syrian missiles were shot down by the Israeli missile.