MP from the Communist party developed a draft Amnesty to mark the anniversary of the Russian revolution


RIA Novosti

MP from the Communist party Sergei Shargunov ready to submit for consideration the state Duma the project of the Amnesty to commemorate the centenary of the two Russian revolutions, if the support of the deputies.

“The proposal is connected with Amnesty for those who committed petty crimes. Now we have the anniversaries of two Russian revolutions — an occasion to think about how important it is that the state showed mercy, adequacy of, humanity”, — said Shargunov.

He noted that he has already prepared a draft Amnesty. “I’m concerned about the reaction of the deputies. I have a ready project, it is important whether colleagues or not to support. But the project is almost developed and on any day it is possible to make, if there is support from colleagues”, — told RIA Novosti the MP.