The Minister of defence of Japan has refused to resign because of the scandal with kindergarten

Tomomi Inada

The Minister of defense of Japan Tomomi Inada refused to resign over allegations of lying to Parliament. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

Monday, March 13, the opposition demanded Inade to answer, not whether it was 13 years ago is connected with a kindergarten financed by the Fund “Moritomo Gakuen”. The Minister categorically denied any involvement, but on Tuesday, March 14, deputies received the court records that proved otherwise. Inada was forced to admit that previously represented the interests of the Fund as counsel, and explained that she “changed memory”.

In response to the demand of the opposition to resign Tomomi Inada said that it intends to continue to faithfully execute their duties. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe supported his Minister.

The scandal surrounding the children’s garden Fund “Morimoto Gakuen” began in February 2017, when the Japanese media found that the land for its construction was bought from the state at a lower price, and the building was partially built with state money. Kindergarten was repeatedly visited by the wife of Prime Minister Abe. At the institution, according to reporters, there is a cult of the Prime Minister, and teachers inspire children to nationalist ideas.