The government of the Chechen Republic ordered the shashlik-mashlik for half a million rubles

The Committee of the government of Chechnya under the state order on March 14 announced a tender in which the procurement object specified “Shashlik-Mashlik”. The contract price is 550 thousand rubles, the source of funding of the declared Republican budget. The customer is a Committee of the regional government on tourism.

What is meant by “Shashlik-Mashlik” are not specified, but the object of purchase are classified as “a variety of other Services, not included in other groupings”. The tenderers can only be representatives of small business or socially oriented non-profit organizations.

To provide services will in Grozny.

In the terms of reference contained in the notification about holding the auction, says that the contractor must ensure the transfer of at least 50 people, accommodation for two days at least in a four star hotel, as well as tents, barbecues, gifts, cards and firewood for ignition.

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At the same time the site of public procurement has the tender announced on 14 February by the Federal Agency for tourism, the organization and carrying out in Grozny of the festival “Shashlik-Mashlik”. The price of this contract is one million rubles. “Shashlik-Mashlik” should pass in the Chechen capital on April 22. Visitors to the event can get acquainted with the traditions of preparation of meat from various Nations.