Zakharov suggested that the United States followed by the investigation of RT to create a list of books to burn

Maria Zakharova © Artyom Geodakyan/TASS MOSCOW, March 15. /TASS/. The United States along with a law that increases the control over the activity of foreign television channels, could take and a list of books to burn. The proposal was made by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page in the social network Facebook, commenting on the initiative of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen about changing the law to give the justice Department additional powers to investigate the work of the TV channel RT (Russia Today, “Russia today”). “At the same time it would be possible in this bill to designate the list of books intended for burning on the premises,” – said Zakharov.

In the state Duma assessed the cost of admission deputies meetings

In the state Duma assessed the cost of admission deputies meetings Pass a member of one plenary meeting at its own expense costs him 17 thousand rubles, said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin reporters at a briefing. 17 thousand rubles is deducted from the salary of the Deputy in the time off for your account, and 60 thousand. — in the absence if the MP is not registered in the hall any morning or day or in the evening, said the speaker of the lower house reporters at a briefing. That due to deductions for absences to deputies is more profitable to take a vacation at his own expense, than to skip the meeting, RBC reported earlier. According to Volodin, in plenary, at its expense, is missing about five to ten people. “On March 7, at its expense, absent 12. 10 March — four people”, — he

The LDPR faction in full force left the meeting of the state Duma in protest

The LDPR faction in full force left the meeting of the state Duma in protest Moscow. March 15. INTERFAX.RU — the Faction of the liberal democratic party on Wednesday in full force left the plenary hall after the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Sergey Neverov said the need of the Duma ethics Commission to examine the statements of the head of the faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the “hour of statements”. Earlier Zhirinovsky, speaking from the rostrum of the state Duma, in an emotional manner expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that some MPs are defending the authorities of the Moscow region. He promised that he will shoot his opponents in the case, if he wins the presidential elections next year. In March next year will enter the Kremlin, you’ll be shot and hanged, the rascals and scoundrels!Mr Zhirinovskyites of the LDPR faction Vice-speaker of the state Duma, Secretary of General Council

The state Duma adopted the bill on the population census via the Internet

The state Duma adopted the bill on the population census via the Internet MOSCOW, 15 Mar — RAPSI. The state Duma at plenary session on Wednesday has approved in the third reading of a government bill, which proposes to organise a national census of population using the Internet and to make mandatory the microcensus. The bill, in particular, it is proposed to Supplement the existing methods of the survey population a new way of gathering information using the Internet and install additional format of carrying out selective statistical supervision — the microcensus of the population. This will improve the accuracy and completeness of census results that serve as information basis for demographic and social policy of the state, the report says the government. The document establishes the procedure for collecting information about the population in electronic form. It defines standards for software, hardware, including storage media, communication channels, means of

Iran has received the status of a guarantor of Syrian truce

Continued: Kosachev welcomed the participation of Iran in the Syrian settlement Iran officially became a country-the guarantor of observance of the cessation of hostilities in Syria along with Russia and Turkey. This was announced by the special representative of the President of Russia on the Syrian settlement, Alexander Lavrentyev, reports TASS. According to Lavrentiev, the decision is an important outcome of the talks in Astana. The head of the Russian delegation also said that certain forces intend to hamper peace negotiations and advocate for a military solution to the crisis in Syria. He said that the representatives of the Syrian armed opposition are going to arrive in Astana in the morning of March 16. “Therefore, leaving part of the delegation we are part of the delegations of Turkey and Iran for consultations. Believe that negotiations between the countries-guarantors and the delegation of the Syrian armed opposition in Astana should be

In West Africa, from the captivity of Boko Haram released five thousand hostages

Soldiers of the United forces of the West African Union managed to release about five thousand people who were held captive by the militant group Boko Haram. About it reports Reuters. The operation was conducted throughout the week along the Nigerian-Cameroonian border, where the camps in which the hostages were kept. In addition, it is specified that shelter the militants in the mountains have been completely destroyed. “Among those released are mainly children, women and elderly,” — said the representative of the government of Cameroon, Issa Bakary Chiroma. In December last year, the President of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari stated that the country’s army seized the last fortified camp of insurgents of grouping “the West African province of the “Islamic state”” (old name “Boko Haram”, prohibited in Russia). According to him, the “fall “Camp Zero” meant the final defeat of the terrorists from the “Boko Haram” in their last enclave in

The Finance Minister of Germany had mailed a package with explosives

Wolfgang Schäuble Package with explosive material, addressed to the Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang schäuble, was intercepted on the morning of 15 March with members of the Department. It is reported by Bild. The suspicious package, from which protruded wires, drew the attention of the freight forwarding service of the Ministry. The same officers called to the scene of experts-bomb experts. Employees of the Ministry of Finance was removed from the building. According to DW, the experts at techno-crime Institute delivered a dangerous find on a site for the production of explosions on the outskirts of Berlin, and studied it. As it turned out, in the box was the fuse and the mixture used for the production of fireworks. Such a device would work when opening the parcel. Comments in Die Welt, the police of Berlin explained that in this case were very close to the person would have

The national Bank has proposed to prohibit the “daughters” of Russian banks to withdraw capital from Ukraine

The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has proposed to prohibit subsidiaries of Russian banks to withdraw capital out of the country. This was stated by the Deputy Governor Yakov Smoliy.   “With the aim of preserving financial stability in the country, run by Ukrainian banks with Russian state capital obligations to customers to apply sanctions in the form of a warning of withdrawal of capital outside Ukraine”, — quotes the TV channel “112 Ukraine” Smoliy.   He also clarified that we are talking about introduction of sanctions against Ukrainian Sberbank, VTB, “BM Bank”, “Prominvestbank” and VS Bank.   The seventh of March, Sberbank started to serve customers with passports of DNR and LNR. The head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has called for sanctions against “daughter” of the Bank. Later, the Ukrainian radicals destroyed several branches of the Russian credit organizations in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. Also, the nationalists

Two participants OPG Pichugin was detained in Komi

In the Komi Republic arrested two more alleged members of an organized criminal group Yuri Pichugin. This was reported on the website of the regional SUCK, Russian Federation.   “To date, in the operational support of the staff of the regional FSB, the interior Ministry and Regardie established and detained in Usinsk two more participants of grouping — Vyacheslav Popov and Georgy Gusiev”, – stated in the message.   Defendants in the case are Yuri Pichugin, Alexei Rokhlin, Hadith Azizov, Azizov mahach, Sergey Vanuito, Maxim Abubakarov, Sergey Soldatov, Alexander Egorov, oktay Efendiyev, Akhmed Isayev, Victor Karpov and other unidentified persons.   Azizov and Karpov declared in the international search, the others arrested and taken into custody.   According to the investigation, in 1994, Yuri Pichugin has created a group that attracted the participation of athletes and former military and police. Organizer OPG has introduced for its members a common standard