Police cavalry protects the stores Roshen in Kiev pogroms radicals

Police cavalry sent to stores Roshen in Kiev to protect them from the pogroms of the radicals, according to eyewitnesses. Earlier, the nationalists called for the defeat of the shops owned by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.   Also, the Ukrainian media published information according to which the radicals attacking the building of “Alfa-Bank” with the inaction of the police. They break Windows of a Bank with stones and bottles.   Rallies held in Kiev over the past few days after the so-called “Stripping” radicals, blocking the Ukrainian Donbass security forces. Employees of SBU detained more than 40 militants. Video: 112 Ukraine / YouTube Photo: Has Cadimare / Twitter

Nationalists urged protesters in Kiev to burn the business Poroshenko

The head of the “organization of Ukrainian nationalists” Nikolay Kohanivsky urged protesters in Central Kiev to set fire to shops owned by the President of the country Petro Poroshenko’s Roshen Corporation. About it reports the local edition UNIAN.   “Kohanivsky urged Ukrainians to set fire to the stores Roshen”, – writes the Agency.   He also urged to expel from the country the Ukrainian oil and gas millionaire Rinat Akhmetov, saying that “it has no place in Ukraine.”   Rallies held in Kiev over the past few days after the so-called “Stripping” radicals, blocking the Donbass by Ukrainian law enforcers. Employees of SBU detained more than 40 militants. Video: Hot News / YouTube

The ECHR awarded 50 thousand euros life convict in Russia, militants from Chechnya

The European court of human rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg confirmed the violation of the rights of Chechen militants, Arsan, complained of torture by Russian law enforcement officers. He was awarded 50 thousand euros in compensation, including payment of lawyers ‘ work, to the materials on the court’s website. The applicant noted in the complaint that the 13 murders for which his life was condemned in 2007, he had confessed under pressure. According to him, he was subjected to beatings and torture with electric shocks in the convoy and police station in Grozny. In 2007, Arsan was found guilty in many crimes: murder, participation in an armed group, attempt at life of law enforcement officers, robbery, arms trafficking and others. One of the most notorious acts attributed to him — the murder in April 2001 in Grozny in the cafe “Titanic” Deputy city Prosecutor Vladimir Moroz. For a long time the

Tkachev told about rural clubs on the example of fur coat for the wife

Alexander Tkachev The Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev has urged to adequately assess the ability of the budget in the current economic climate. The corresponding statement he made at the enlarged visiting session of the Duma faction “United Russia” on Tuesday, March 14, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”. Deputies of the state Duma Joseph Kobzon Natalia Boeva turned to Tkachev question of why the development of rural culture and social spending are not enough funds available. The Minister in response said that “street crisis” and budget funds are limited, and their distribution is conducted in accordance with the priorities. “If you have pocket 10 thousand rubles, you can’t go to his wife to buy a fur coat or a car? It’s the same with us,” he said. If you increase the financing of the program of development of rural territories, you lose money investors, which the government promised to support,

In the East of Moscow unknown robbed jewelry store

In the East of Moscow unknown robbed jewelry store The criminals allegedly fled in a dark car, the city declared the plan “Interception”. MOSCOW, March 14. /TASS/. Moscow police are searching for the criminals who have made armed assault on jewelry store in the East of the capital. About TASS reported the press service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow. “Around 20:00 GMT on the premises of a jewelry store in house 2 on the Shchelkovo highway went two unknown, threatening employees with a subject similar to the gun, stole jewelry and fled in a foreign car of dark color”, — the Ministry said, adding that at the scene works operative group, it appears the value of the stolen. In Moscow introduced a plan “Interception” police are searching for a dark car, which allegedly criminals.