Peskov urged not to politicize “Eurovision”

Participant of “Eurovision-2017” from the Russian Federation Yulia Samoylova Photo: Russian Newspaper “With regard to the politicization of Eurovision, I probably would have refrained from any comments, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “Definitely, of course, wish to avoid any politicization of “Eurovision”, – he added. – We consider this completely unacceptable from the point of view of prospects of development of this international competition”. “I would not began to use such words as “provocation”, a Russian TV channel that directs to the participant. Therefore nothing is provocative, we do not see”, – said Peskov. “In Crimea there were all, practically, probably not the people who have never been in the Crimea, – he said. This is the first. Second – it’s still international competition and the country-the organizer of the contest should follow the rules by which this contest is held”. Samoilova participated in the

Matvienko criticized manufactured in Russia wheelchairs

Photo: RIA Novosti The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, speaking on Monday at the Board of legislators criticized the quality of wheelchairs produced in Russia. The MP said that her friend bought a stroller that Chinese manufacturing foreign online store, and she was on the characteristics of the much easier domestic. “We, with our military, making the world’s best military aircraft, missiles, we can’t do competitive, finally, a wheelchair at home in order not prescribed by trade, and bought from its manufacturer?” — said Matvienko. Earlier, the MP said he believes it necessary that the regions of the Russian Federation developed its own system of support of domestic manufacturers of technical equipment for people with disabilities.

Putin is not yet acquainted with the new CNN film about him

© Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, March 14 /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet seen the new film American television CNNн about it, which, judging by the contents, is offensive in nature and often based on absolute fiction. This was stated to journalists the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov. “No, personally, Mr Putin did not have time to get acquainted (with film) because he went out at night, we have this movie yet,” – said the representative of the Kremlin, answering the question, did the President dedicated to him a documentary called “the Most powerful man in the world”. Peskov noted that, judging by the excerpts in media, the tape was exactly as predicted in the Kremlin: “This is another material that is in line with the hysterical emotional background, which is based on opinion, which has nothing substantial in the opinion, which is

Fillon was indicted on charges of embezzlement of state funds

Fillon was indicted on charges of embezzlement of state funds MOSCOW, 14 Mar — RIA Novosti. The candidate for President of France Francois Fillon has charged on charges of embezzlement of state funds associated with fictitious employment of members of his family, according to prosecutors. The scandal around the former Prime Minister broke out after an article in the satirical newspaper Canard enchaine. The publication alleged that his wife of eight years had been in Parliament a salary as assistant Fillon. The money came from funds intended to pay for the service of parliamentarians. Similar charges related to two children of ex-Prime Minister. According to the Canard Enchaine, the earnings of the children of the couple Fillon, who worked as assistants to father in the Senate of France, amounted to 84 thousand euros. Hiring family members for positions in the Parliament is not against the law, but the employment must

Lukashenko amended the agreement on joint air defense system

Lukashenko amended the agreement on joint air defense system President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has amended the agreement on the joint system of air defence. This is stated in the relevant decree published on the official legal portal of Belarus. The decree was signed on 10 March, but only published on Tuesday, March 14. Changes were made to the document, signed on 2 November 2016 in Minsk. At the same time the text changes were not published. In October 2015, Russia and Belarus have agreed about creation of unified system of defense of the Union state. In particular, Minsk and Moscow have outlined expansion of cooperation in the field of joint protection of borders and the creation of a unified air defense system. In early February, the Agency Regnum reported about the possible withdrawal of Belarus from AAAI and the CSTO. The Agency also made a gap project of the

The procedure of a British exit from the European Union will launch at the end of March

The procedure of a British exit from the European Union will launch at the end of March LONDON, Mar 14 — RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. The procedure of a British exit from the EU will launch in late March, Prime Minister Theresa may. On the eve of the bill Brexit was approved by the house of lords of the British Parliament. So that document has acquired the force of law, it must be signed by Queen Elizabeth II. “The bill, which was passed by both houses of Parliament in the coming days will receive the approval of the Queen. Procedure Brexit will be launched, as mentioned, to the end of the month,” said Mae, speaking in Parliament. It is expected that negotiations on the details of the agreement with the EU will last for two years. Thus, the UK may leave the EU in the spring of 2019 A referendum

Erdogan reminded the Netherlands about their role in the massacre in Srebrenica

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reminded the Amsterdam on the role played by the Dutch peacekeepers in the massacre in Srebrenica. The words of the Turkish leader is quoted by The Daily Sabah. “The Netherlands has not surprised us, we knew that the Dutch have problems with morality, the level of civility and manners, — Erdogan said. We found out due to the role they played during the genocide in Srebrenica”. The Turkish leader has hinted at the indecisive actions of the Dutch peacekeepers in 1995, when they are being deployed in declared “security zone” Srebrenica, did not resist the advancing Serbian troops, allowing them to occupy the city. “No one should try to teach us lessons of morality — especially those whose hands are stained with blood, concluded Erdogan. — Carrying out state terror against our politicians, the Netherlands has harmed the EU and its values”.

The Minister of defence of Japan has refused to resign because of the scandal with kindergarten

Tomomi Inada The Minister of defense of Japan Tomomi Inada refused to resign over allegations of lying to Parliament. About it reports The South China Morning Post. Monday, March 13, the opposition demanded Inade to answer, not whether it was 13 years ago is connected with a kindergarten financed by the Fund “Moritomo Gakuen”. The Minister categorically denied any involvement, but on Tuesday, March 14, deputies received the court records that proved otherwise. Inada was forced to admit that previously represented the interests of the Fund as counsel, and explained that she “changed memory”. In response to the demand of the opposition to resign Tomomi Inada said that it intends to continue to faithfully execute their duties. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe supported his Minister. The scandal surrounding the children’s garden Fund “Morimoto Gakuen” began in February 2017, when the Japanese media found that the land for its construction was bought

In the United States from Norway extradited a suspect in a cybercrime Russian

The building of the US Department of justice From Norway to the US extradited a Russian citizen accused of cybercrime. This was reported on the website of the American Ministry of justice. According to authorities, mark Vartanian, also known as Kolypto, suspected to be developed, improved and supported malware named “Citadel”. Clarifies that Vartanyan was brought before the Federal court after his extradition from Norway in December 2016. The Ministry of justice explained that the complex “Citadel” is a set of malware designed to infect computer systems and steal credentials, financial accounts and personal identifying information. Starting around 2011, “the Citadel” were offered for sale in limited registration Internet forums, where he spoke in Russian cybercriminals. The hackers used a “Citadel”, infiltrated the computer network of the largest financial and governmental institutions around the world, including several financial institutions in the United States. According to estimates by industry, the program

The head of Crimea believes that Russia needs a new form of government

The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that Russia needs to change the form of government to a monarchy, because democracy in the presence of an external enemy – this is unnecessary, writes “Interfax”.   “We kind of democracy in the form in which it is presented by the Western media, is not needed. We have our traditional Orthodox spiritual values. Today, in my opinion, Russia needs a monarchy,” said Feldman.   According to Aksenova, the democracy that “many interpreted as permissiveness”, not needed in our country. We need such democracy, “as it is understood by normal people”, and even better the monarchy, he added.   The head of Crimea considers that the President in Russia need more power, “until the dictatorship”. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Globallookpress