In the United States from Norway extradited a suspect in a cybercrime Russian

The building of the US Department of justice

From Norway to the US extradited a Russian citizen accused of cybercrime. This was reported on the website of the American Ministry of justice.

According to authorities, mark Vartanian, also known as Kolypto, suspected to be developed, improved and supported malware named “Citadel”.

Clarifies that Vartanyan was brought before the Federal court after his extradition from Norway in December 2016.

The Ministry of justice explained that the complex “Citadel” is a set of malware designed to infect computer systems and steal credentials, financial accounts and personal identifying information.

Starting around 2011, “the Citadel” were offered for sale in limited registration Internet forums, where he spoke in Russian cybercriminals. The hackers used a “Citadel”, infiltrated the computer network of the largest financial and governmental institutions around the world, including several financial institutions in the United States. According to estimates by industry, the program has infected about 11 million computers worldwide, causing damage amounting to more than $ 500 million.

According to us law enforcement for several years prior Vartanian, in the territory of Ukraine and Norway, were allegedly posted numerous electronic files from malware components, updates and patches, as well as customer information.

Vartanian is the second accused in the case about the program. 29 September 2015 the St. Demetrius Belo-Russians after his confession in court was sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment.