The organizers of “Eurovision”, said that will approve any decision of Ukraine on Samoilova

Executive Director of “Eurovision-2017” Jon Ola sand said that the participation in the competition, Russians Julia Samoilova is the responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities.


“We fully understand and respect the laws of Ukraine, but the European broadcasting Union has no objections to the Russian delegation, and not see any violations on their part. We want all countries participated, but the decision of the Ukrainian authorities, and we will respect him”, – quotes “Interfax” the statement of the representative of the song contest.


Julia Samoylova is scheduled to speak at the “Eurovision-2017” with the song Flame is Burning. Russian singer since childhood, wheelchair-bound, but this does not prevent her to participate in various musical projects and competitions.


On the eve of the SBU reported that its decision regarding admission Samoilova to Ukraine after he finds out, visited the girl to the Crimea after its joining Russia.

Photo: Julia Samoylova / VKontakte