Rammed the terminal of the Kazan airport the cab has avoided criminal case

Ruslan Nurtdinov, drove the car to the terminal of the Kazan airport will incur only administrative punishment. On Monday, March 13, said the Deputy chief of UGIBDD across Tatarstan Rustam Ibragimov, reports the regional edition “Business Online”.

Speaking at a meeting of the state Council of Tatarstan Ibragimov reported that the reckless driver deprived of the rights. In addition, a man was prosecuted for possession and transportation of drugs — a 15 and 12 days of administrative arrest, respectively. However, the number of banned substances was insufficient for criminal prosecution.

In December 2016 the car “VAZ-2115”, at the wheel which was Nurtdinov, entered the territory of the air Harbor terminal and passed through, causing a lot of damage. The damage was estimated at six million rubles. It turned out that the reckless driver was in a condition of narcotic intoxication. In addition, when it was discovered 3.9 grams of marijuana.