Global Times: the Americans sent troops to Syria to scare Moscow

Chinese expert DOE, Sungjin in his article for the Global Times explained the landing of US troops in the Syrian Manuge attempt to scare Moscow, Damascus and Tehran, and that therefore the Americans show all parties in the region that its interests should not be ignored.   On the eve of the representative of the US Department of defense stated that the forces of Washington will be “a guarantee of deterrence and maintaining confidence” in the region.   According to the analyst, such a “loud” appearance of Americans in the region from a strategic point of view means they have decided to “re-occupy the leading position in the middle East”.   On the other hand, the author of the article asked the question, who is going to “contain” the Washington. Most likely, this is an attack towards Moscow and the Syrian government, says, Sungjin.   Their forces have come close

In the state Duma and the Federation Council stood up for the shot

Jaroslav Nesovpadenie: the labour Ministry has opposed the refusal of the prisoner The head of the Duma Committee for labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov proposed to keep the parent capital in the regions with low birth rates, according to video News Service. Thus he commented on the initiative of their colleagues on the replacement of the lump sum flexible system of support for families. “The idea of mercapital has not outlived its usefulness, it just needs to be adapted to current realities on the basis of the demographic situation in each region, — said Nilov. — Now, I believe it should not be equally distributed across all regions — it’s time to use this incentive only where you need to save the demographic situation”. The MP added that in regions with a high birth rate of the payments should be terminated, and where there is a need for natural

Nice-Matin learned about the RAID on the Villa of the Senator Kerimov on the Cote d’azur

Suleiman Kerimov Dollar billionaire and Federation Council member Suleiman Kerimov may be the genuine owner of the residential complex with the area more than 90 thousand square meters in France, the newspaper Nice-Matin. Financial conditions of some prisoners of the real estate transactions were the subject of the investigation. The material referred to is located on the Cape of Antibes (côte d’azur) Villa Hier area of 12 thousand square meters. Searches were held there on 15 February. Investigators, in particular, found the account, according to which only the cost of hanging curtains is close to the amount of 580 thousand Euro. Kerimov, presumably, is one of the largest landowners on the Cape of Antibes. “However, his name does not appear…” — this phrase the article is that the free version has only partially dropped. Apparently, we are talking about the fact that the name of Senator not listed in the

Four people died in a fire near Ulyanovsk

In the Ulyanovsk region in the fire killed four people. On Tuesday, March 14, according to the website of the interior Ministry of Russia in the region. The ignition of one of the houses on Sovetskaya street in the village of Novospasskoye occurred on 13 March about 22:00. During the inspection of the scene was discovered four dead. According to preliminary data, the victims of the fire were 67-year-old owner of the house, his two sons and their friend. At the scene works investigative team. Are the circumstances of the incident. On the website of the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia reported that the elimination of fire from the Department were involved five vehicles and 12 personnel.

On Kamchatka, four sailors allegedly poisoned with methyl alcohol

On Kamchatka, four sailors allegedly poisoned with methyl alcohol PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, 14 Mar — RIA Novosti. Upon the death of the four crew members of the fishing vessel “Emerald” in Kamchatka initiated a criminal case, RIA Novosti press-service of far East investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation. “A criminal case under article “Manufacture, storage or transportation for sale or sale of the goods and production, performance of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety of life or health of consumers entailing by negligence the death of two and more persons”, — said the representative of the investigative Department. He added that currently investigators find out circumstances of state of emergency, and the causes of death of seafarers. However, as reported by the RIA Novosti news Agency a source in the regional Ministry of transport, the ship Izumrud moored in the port of the

The ROC Ministry of culture is brought to justice on the legality of the transfer of Isaac

The ROC Ministry of culture is brought to justice on the legality of the transfer of Isaac Moscow. March 13. INTERFAX.RU Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg at the notice in the hall on Monday began consideration of a lawsuit against the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church, the correspondent “of Interfax”. The court, as the judge said Tatiana Matusiak, complied with this request. The courtroom, where to hear the administrative case, would not accommodate all the journalists who came to cover the process. The judge did not object to fit in the hall of journalists watched from the hallway when the door is open. The plaintiffs in the case along with Vishnevsky are three local residents. Defendant administrative Committee of property relations of the city (KIO). Judge matusyak seized had previously considered the case of the dismantling of the memorial plaques to Karl Mannerheim and Kolchak Alexander in St.

The age of great history

The age of great history “News” celebrating the centenary of the birth. 13 Mar 1917 — birthday of “Izvestia”. The change of the ages — time, creating a great publication. Events that drastically change the life of his contemporaries, especially for journalists news. “News” has become popular since the first issue hundreds of thousand copies. The publication not only publishes exclusive information and participated in historical events directly — all of these 100 years. A century of “news” remain the leader in the field of media, exerting an unprecedented influence on the public and political life of the country. “News” is the only 300-year history of the national press newspaper, faithful to its name for over a century. Although formally the publication changed names several times, together with the institutions founders in the election of workers ‘deputies became a Central Executive Committee, workers’ deputies — the people’s. Nevertheless, the country

Thai elephants in their national day buffet of fruit covered the tables

Thai elephants in their national day buffet of fruit covered the tables BANGKOK, 13 Mar — RIA Novosti. Buffets of fruit for the workers and wild elephants organized in Thailand on Monday to celebrate National elephant day, according to the Third national TV channel. 9фотографий9фотографий9фотографий In all tourist “elephant villages” and the elephant crash (places where bred and trained working elephants) on this day held a religious ceremony to improve the karma of elephants, as many Thai Buddhists believe that the elephant is the last step of the rebirth of the soul in the form of an animal before birth for the individual. Also crash arrange buffets of fruit as a festive dinner for elephants living there. Enthusiasts help wild elephants staged on Monday buffets and in the jungle for wild elephants. These “elephant feast” was organized away from cultivated fields and human habitations, so as not to attract elephants

Party of pensioners for justice changed the name

Photo: TASS The Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS) changed its name, becoming the Russian party of pensioners for social justice, changed the emblem, and also abolished the office of Chairman. The decision was taken on Saturday at the party Congress. Clarification of the name, as reported earlier, the Chairman of the Central Council of RPPS Vladimir Burakov, you need to determine the main goal of the party – the achievement of social justice. “Very vague understanding of justice for our party, a very capacious concept. It was very important that people fully understand what goals and tasks facing our party,” he explained TASS the cause of the changes. Last emblem of the party – a red heart on the palms, according to Burakova, the impression of insecurity, at the same time, he said, “if the party’s task is to protect this symbol of vulnerability and suffering, the heart

The Democrats refused to Fund the “wall of trump”

The Democrats refused to Fund the “wall of trump” WASHINGTON, 13 Mar — RIA Novosti. A group of democratic senators on Monday, the US sent the leaders of the Republican majority in the Senate a letter in which he warned that will not support funding for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, and also warned about the possibility of suspending the financing of the government. 11фотографий11фотографий11фотографий “We are concerned by reports that there may be attempts to include (in the budget of the United States — ed.), financing (construction) is very expensive walls along the southern border with Mexico, as well as “force deportation”, — stated in the letter from the senators to their colleagues. It is expected that the President of the United States Donald trump, who earlier issued a decree on the construction of the wall, will make its budget proposals on Thursday. At

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