In Saudi Arabia, opened the Council on the rights of women without women

Faisal bin Mishal

The government of Saudi Arabia founded the Council of women’s rights. At the first meeting, it was not a single female. About it reports BBC News. The publication posted a photo: the ceremony of the beginning of work of the enterprises declare to 13 men.

“In the region of al-Qasim, we believe [that] women are sisters of men, and we believe it is our duty to provide them with new opportunities for work,” said Prince Faisal bin Mishal, the Governor of the province. Chairman of the Board — his wife Abeer bint Salman. Women in that time were in the next room, of which was broadcast via video link.

Saudi Arabia has a program to increase the number of women in the labour market — now only 22% of them work, while in 2030 it is planned to employ a third of all women in the country.