Activists ask for the release of the sad elephant

Activists ask for the release of the sad elephant

The Internet collect signatures in support of the elephant who lives alone in a zoo in the Philippines for 35 years.

43-year-old female elephant named Mali, born in Sri Lanka, but in 1977 it was moved to the Manila zoo in the Philippines. There she first lived with two other elephants, but they soon died. The last 35 years, Mali has been living in his cramped enclosure at the zoo alone, reports the Metro.

The organization PETA is leading the fight for animal rights, organized the collection of signatures under the petition to the government of the Philippines with the requirement to improve conditions for cows.

According to zoodefenders, called Mali “the saddest elephant in the world”, the current conditions actually destroy the animal, preventing it to move freely.

Mali is already experiencing serious problems with joints and feet because of the constant standing on concrete floor. In addition, damage to the hooves and soles female elephants in the long term can lead to blood poisoning and death.

Animal rights activists are asked to move Mali to a sanctuary for elephants in Thailand, where she would be able to move freely in the nature, swim in natural waters, eat fresh greens and to communicate with other elephants.

At the moment the petition was signed by 120 thousand people, but the Philippine government has so far refused to take any action. Earlier it was reported that in Kenya, poachers killed one of the oldest and largest elephants in all of Africa.