Lithuania has accused Russia of aggressive actions



Russia is “rattling the sabre” and threatens the security of the entire region – this statement was made by President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. Her words reports TASS with reference to the radio station Znad Wilii.

“The geopolitical situation has become more complex and aggressive, less reliable. We are seeing quite aggressive and threatening Russia’s activity in Ukraine, in Kaliningrad region and in Belarus,” – said Grybauskaite.

According to the head of the Republic, 2017 “will be full, as the internal country and external challenges.” In connection with the “Russian threat,” the Lithuanian authorities are forced to increase the military budget. Grybauskaite stressed that the Vilnius restored conscription and formed a rapid reaction force.

In 2018, for financing of the armed forces will be spent, and 2.07% of GDP. In 2017, for military purposes Republic spends 1.75 percent of GDP. At the moment we are discussing the conclusion between the parliamentary parties of the agreement that would oblige politicians to bring by 2020 the funding of the armed forces up to 2.5% of GDP.