In Ethiopia, 46 people died under a landslide of garbage

Addis Ababa

At least 46 people were killed on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa by a landslide of garbage at the dump. About it reports on Sunday, March 12, Associated Press.

According to the Agency, most of the dead were women and children. Under blockages there are dozens of people, so the number of victims can increase. At the time of the collapse at the scene was approximately 150 people, 37 were able to pull it off. Currently the rescue operation.

Debris covered several temporary homes, and concrete. Reportedly, the man lived on the territory of the landfill because it was cheaper. At the same time worked there and waste collectors, earning a living his sort.

What was the cause of the collapse is still unknown. Noted, to a landfill more than 50 years took the garbage from the capital. In recent years it was discontinued, however, according to local residents, recently, the dumping began again. This is due to the fact that builtin in the neighboring area of new landfill was blocked by local farmers.

The authorities have promised to resettle residents on-site landfill.