400-pound Egyptian dance after her gastric surgery

400-pound Egyptian dance after her gastric surgery

Egyptian eman Ahmed AB El ATI, which is considered one of the heaviest women in the world, danced after a successful operation on the stomach, which should help her to lose weight. The video was published mid-day.

She moved under Arabic music on his bed in a hospital in Mumbai. The song is included on their phone sister 37-year-old Egyptian.

#middayExclusive Video: heaviest woman Once, #EmanAhmed Abdulati sways hospital bed in Mumbai. https://t.co/mmJgbtvqZ7 @RupsaChak pic.twitter.com/IOZUZI2BFj

— mid-day (@mid_day) March 10, 2017

On 10 March it was reported that Indian doctors have successfully operated on eman Ahmed.

The operation will help her to limit the amount of food consumed.

In February, the inhabitant of Egypt brought to India for treatment from obesity. When she arrived in hospital, her weight was about 500 pounds.

Because of a dysfunction of the glands of her body accumulates too much fluid. In addition, she suffers from elephantiasis caused by parasitic nematodes.

Because excess weight the woman has lost the ability to move and more than 20 years did not leave his home in the city of Alexandria.