Were arrested in the USA sneak into the territory of the White house man

Were arrested in the USA sneak into the territory of the White house man

In Washington, at the southern entrance to the residence of the President of the United States Donald trump has arrested a man, infiltrated the White house, reports CNN, citing sources in the Secret service.

As told the TV channel that the incident occurred “shortly before midnight”, when trump was in the White house. According to them, the man was able to enter the territory of the residence of the American leader on the East side.

In connection with the incident, as reported by CNN, the White house was introduced one of the highest levels of security the Secret service — “orange”

Trump, it clarifies the issue, spent the weekend in Washington and was warned about the incident later on Friday evening, March 10.

Later, the incident was officially confirmed in the Secret service, gave to Reuters. The man, according to the police, got on the territory of the White house at 23:38 local time, after he had overcome the South fence.

Got arrested was the backpack, which after verification, according to the representative of the Secret service Martin Mulholland was not found “no dangerous object”.

Informed man, as said the law enforcement officers was not arrested, and he was never involved in the stories that could damage the protection of the President, his family or other officials.

The tramp, as written by Reuters, then told reporters at the beginning of the meeting with members of the Cabinet and senior White house staff, US Secret service did “a fantastic job”. Arrested he called “problematic person”.