Died the author of “Bridges of Madison County” Robert James Waller

Died the author of “Bridges of Madison County” Robert James Waller In the us state of Texas has died the author of the bestseller “the Bridges of Madison County” Robert James Waller. On Friday, March 10, the Associated Press reports. The writer was 77 years old. He died at his home in FREDERICKSBURG after a long battle with multiple myeloma — a type of cancer. The novel “the Bridges of Madison County” was written in 1992. Waller wrote a book in 11 days and she is three years rested on the top of the best seller list The New York Times. The book was translated into 40 languages, and worldwide have sold over 12 million copies. In 1995 Director Clint Eastwood has created a film adaptation of the novel and performed in the film starring role with Meryl Streep. The film received a nomination for “Oscar” in the category “best

Tereshkova will travel to Britain for an exhibition in honor of her anniversary

Tereshkova will travel to Britain for an exhibition in honor of her anniversary Moscow. March 10. INTERFAX.RU the First woman-cosmonaut, Deputy of the state Duma Valentina Tereshkova accepted the invitation of the Director of the London science Museum to come to the UK and visit the exhibition dedicated to her, said “Interfax” on Friday in the office of the Deputy. “Valentina is leaving next week, the exhibition is scheduled for March 15,” said the Agency. According to official information, the exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Tereshkova, is part of the programme of activities for the year of science Russia-UK. Previously, Tereshkova received the invitation said to “Interfax” the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. The speaker noted that, according to the letter of the Director of the Science Museum, “she (Tereshkova — if) will Queen Elizabeth II”. March 4, Tereshkova was 80 years old.

Klintsevich: US engaged in simulated combat terrorism

Photo: RIA Novosti Franz Klintsevich told reporters that the United States for its current actions in the middle East trying to lead the fight against ISIS. It is reported by a national news service. The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security said that “the Americans are trying to jump in the car to participate.” According to Klintsevich, the United States did not take real action to combat international terrorism, and “engaged in profanity and imitation.”

Russia will not take part in the Ministerial meeting in the United States in the fight against ISIS

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia will not accept participation in a Ministerial meeting in Washington on the fight against ISIS (“Islamic state” banned in Russia), which will be held March 22. The conference will be U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson. That Russia will not participate in the meeting, said acting head of the press service of US state Department mark Toner, reports TASS.

The party of pensioners intends to participate in elections of the mayor of Moscow

The party of pensioners intends to participate in elections of the mayor of Moscow The organization announced that the party will decide on participation in presidential elections at the Congress at the end of the year. MOSCOW, March 11. /TASS/. The Russian party of pensioners for social justice plans to nominate its candidate for the Moscow mayoral elections to be held in September 2018. This was reported on Saturday a member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party Vladimir Vorozhtsov. “We, in principle, have picked up very good, we think, a candidate for the elections of the mayor of Moscow. Completes the development of his very interesting pre-election program,” he said at the party Congress. In the program of this candidate, whose name is not called Vorozhtsov, take into account the positive and negative experience of the capital’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov and Sergei Sobyanin. Vorozhtsov also said

The Netherlands refused to allow into the country foreign Minister of Turkey

The Netherlands refused to allow into the country foreign Minister of Turkey The Netherlands withdrew permission for the landing of the plane of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu on Saturday, March 11, a few hours after he threatened to impose “serious sanctions” against Amsterdam. It is reported by the Hürriyet Daily News. The statement of the Dutch government it is noted that the decision was made “in connection with a public danger” posed by the visit of the Turkish foreign Ministry in Rotterdam. Turkish officials had planned to hold in some European countries where Turkish citizens, a series of rallies. The authorities of Germany, Austria and the Netherlands banned to host such events. The mayor of the Dutch city of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb 8 March said that the planned campaign rally with the participation of Cavusoglu will not take place.

Assad believes that the US will help defeat the terrorists in Syria

Assad believes that the US will help defeat the terrorists in Syria DAMASCUS, March 11 — RIA Novosti. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does not believe that the presence of U.S. troops in Syria will help his country to defeat the “Islamic state” (IG)* and other terrorists. “We do not believe that it will help. What are they going to do? To fight ISIS*? The Americans lost almost all wars. They were defeated in Iraq, in the end they had to withdraw. Even in Somalia — not to mention Vietnam and Afghanistan, the neighboring country,” — said Assad in an interview with Hong Kong TV channel “the Phoenix”. “They have not succeeded in any place where they send their troops — they are only creating problems. They are very good at creating problems and destroy, but they are very bad at finding solutions,” added the Syrian leader. * A terrorist organization

The Syrian President said it was impossible to cooperate with trump

Bashar Al-Assad Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says Russia is the only real force fighting against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), and does not see opportunities for practical cooperation in this area with a new US administration. He stated this in an interview with Phoenix TV. Full text of the interview published on the website of news Agency Sana on Saturday, March 11. “The only serious party in this respect is Russia, which is effectively fighting with ISIS in cooperation with us,” — said the head of state. At the same time, according to him, Damascus, in theory, sees opportunities for cooperation with U.S. President Donald trump in the fight against terrorism, but in practice this is not happening. “Because between Syria and the United States there is no communication on the official level,” — said Assad. The President noted that the raids against ISIS “took place

The Russians shot and killed after assaulting a police officer in Canada

Police in the canadian city of Edmonton shot and killed 55-year-old Russian Vitaly Savin, attacked with a knife on the officer. About it reports CBC News with reference to sources. According to TV channel, in the afternoon of March 9, police received a call about a driver who violated traffic rules. The police explained that as soon as they approached the suspect’s car and a man came out of the salon, between them there was a fight. Witnesses told CBC News that the Russians attacked officers with a knife, after which he was shot and died at the scene from his wounds. Currently there is an investigation of the incident and the actions of the police against the suspect. Savin worked in Edmonton for a construction company under the subcontract. Before moving to Canada the man worked in Russia a mining engineer.

The media learned in Brussels about the plan of terrorists to attack the Russians and Americans

The terrorist attack at the airport of Zaventem Police in Belgium have found a new recording of the conversation between the terrorists and suicide bombers by Ashrawi Najim and Ibrahim Bachraoui, bombed the airport of Brussels in 2016. Their goal was the passengers flying to Russia, USA and Israel. About it reports on Saturday, March 11, the Belgian newspaper Nieuwsblad. According to him, the recovered audio files on the laptop found in a dumpster in the area Saerbeck. During the 10-minute conversation, the men discussed the date of the attack. “We can no longer be postponed. We must act as quickly as possible. We decided to take action tomorrow, March 22,” said Ashrawi. He also explained Bachraoui selection of weapons and the scene of the attack. According to him, “one of the brothers gave us the information that tomorrow morning will fly the American, Russian and Israeli flights,” so their