The UN said about the new oppression of the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar

Speaking out against the Muslim Rohingya people in Myanmar

Human rights defenders the UN announced a new “crimes against humanity” in relation to people of Rohingya by the police and the authorities of Myanmar, reported BBC News.

The UN special Rapporteur on the protection of human rights in this country Yangi If after talking with refugees in Bangladesh noted that the situation is even worse than she expected. “The government should immediately reply in all cases of mass torture and inhuman treatment by law enforcement officers” —said Lee.

The Minister for foreign Affairs and leader of the opposition party “National League for democracy” Aun San Suu Kyi refused to comment on the situation. A senior source from her party said that the problem is exaggerated and is purely internal. “We are a young state and strive to achieve international standards. And so we have thousands of problems,” he said.

Over the past few months more than 70 thousand Muslim Rohingya left their homes and fled to Bangladesh after the government’s counter-terrorism operations in Rakhine state (Arakan). Activists reported that security forces committed gang rape women, tortured and executed men.

According to the UN, Rohingya is one of the most oppressed peoples in the world. Representatives of this group are subjected to persecution and discrimination, including due to the fact that Muslim. 89 percent of the population of Myanmar are Buddhist.