The media terrorized the monastery because of the dog-monk

The media terrorized the monastery because of the dog-monk

Facebook users loved the dog Carmelo from the Franciscan monastery in the Bolivian town of Cochabamba. Photos of inmate in monastic vestments published Professor of a local Catholic University, and they quickly became the viral effect.

Young Schnauzer has settled at the monastery recently and made friends with the local monks, who are willing to pose for the pictures at the pet. According to them, the life of Carmelo consists mainly of running and games.

Carmelo was given the second name, which translates as “bearded monk”. The portal Mashable notes that in the Catholic tradition, St. Francis of Assisi is the patron Saint of animals, so the dog justice became the mascot of the monastery.

Photos from dog-monk was published in February, however, the popularity of the dog came a few weeks later. The author of the photo session told in Facebook that in the last few days it has received inquiries from dozens of media from around the world. He described the situation as madness.

As a result of Carmelo appeared on the covers of magazines, the puppy offered to make other things besides monk. The photographer drew attention to the fact that the clothes in which the dog appeared in the photographs — the joke, in fact, usually the animal moves through the monastery without her.