Staged on the tower and the wall of the Kremlin feminist was released from police

Feminists staged with banners and smoke bombs on the red square, released from the police. About it reports “OVD-info”.

According to the website, with the participants — four activists, two journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” and a photographer — were preventive conversation. Some of them were taken fingerprints. Protocols on administrative offences were not.

Two feminists 8th of March went up on the wall of the Kremlin from the Alexander garden, had unfurled a banner with the inscription “200 years of men in power. Down!” and lit smoke bombs. Another two climbed on the Corner Arsenal tower with the banner of the “national idea — feminism” and flares. Other participants of the action held posters with inscriptions “We are the majority” and “a Woman for President.”

According to aktivistki Catherine Nenasheva, there were about a dozen participants, some of them managed to escape.