Brazilians spent the rollout of fuel-efficient passenger aircraft

Brazilians spent the rollout of fuel-efficient passenger aircraft

Brazilian company Embraer has conducted the roll-out of single-aisle medium-haul passenger aircraft E195-E2. According to the company, the first flight will take place in the next few months.

In 2018 the first E175-E2, representative of a new generation of passenger aircraft family E-Jet will be delivered to the customer.

In 2011, Embraer has temporarily abandoned the development of a completely new aircraft, declaring that the existing platforms have significant potential for modernization. Likewise, today received the American concern Boeing and the European Airbus. Evaluation of the Brazilian company, the new technology will significantly improve the aircraft.

The hallmarks of the new generation aircraft have become three different types of wing-mounted version of the E-Jet with different length of the fuselage

In addition, the new aircraft were fly-by-wire control system and increased Luggage compartment. By optimising the airframe and the installation of upgraded engines to reduce fuel consumption up to 16-24%.

E175-E2 is the smallest representative of the new generation of Brazilian passenger aircraft. Its length of 32.4 meters, the height of 9.9 meters, and a wingspan of 31 meters. Compared with the E175 previous generation the new aircraft was longer than 0.6 meters. Due to this, the Seating capacity increased from 80 to 90 people.

New passenger aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 44.8 tons. It can fly at a speed of 870 kilometers per hour, and its flight range is 3.8 thousand kilometers.

New E175-E2 was the second aircraft of the new generation E-Jet, Embraer presented. The oversized aircraft — E190-E2 — was submitted in February 2016, and in may made its first flight. This aircraft is designed to carry up to 114 passengers at a distance of up to 5.2 thousand kilometers.

Meanwhile, almost simultaneously with Embraer American aviation concern Boeing has carried out a rollout of the new Boeing 737 MAX 9

This is also the second representative of a new generation of his family. The first Boeing 737 new generation made its first flight in January last year.

Vasily Sychev