The unity of the nation could not stand criticism

The unity of the nation could not stand criticism

A controversial bill was subjected to renaming.

Instead of the law on the unified Russian nation will be developed the law “About bases of the state national policy”. This decision was made by the working group on preparation of the draft bill. The reason for this, as explained to “Kommersant” the head of academician Valery Tishkov, “the unwillingness of the society to accept the idea of a single nation.” The law must prescribe “a conceptual framework, division of powers between levels of government, the system of monitoring inter-ethnic situation.” According to experts, you first need to “make a comprehensive analysis of the situation in interethnic sphere” and “unlock discussion” on the issue in society.

At the first meeting of the working group on preparation of the concept of the bill on the Russian nation focused on the proposals of its members. According to the former head of minnats Valery Tishkov, decided to call the bill “About fundamentals of gosnatspolitiki”.

So peaceful. It turned out that the public is not prepared to accept such a thing as a single nation, uniting all nationalities. Given that the President proposed to shift the strategy gosnatspolitiki on the language of the law, we decided to change its name.Valery Tyshkovets head of minnats

Recall that the October 31 meeting of the presidential Council for interethnic relations, the former head of minnats Vyacheslav Mikhailov proposed the development of the law “On the unity of the Russian nation and the management of ethnic relations.” To prepare a bill before August 1, Vladimir Putin instructed the Presidium of the Council.

The concept of the Russian nation as a single political nation sparked a debate. In the national republics voted against it out of fear that the Russian nation will be the Russian nation and other Nations will lose their ethnicity. The Cossacks, on the contrary, demanded to consider in the document “state-forming role” of the Russian people, legally define the status of Russian and to adopt a Federal program to support them.

The Church preoccupied by the fate of the “Russian world”, in which she includes all Russians, including those living abroad

About the unifying role of the Russian people, language and culture “Russian world”, according to Kommersant’s source in the presidential Council for interethnic relations, said at the meeting of the working group, head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda.

Under the new concept of the bill, which, according to Mr. Tishkov, the working group will present a month later, the document will be spelled out the conceptual framework, the mechanism of delineation of powers between Federal, regional and local authorities, the system of monitoring ethno-religious relations in constituent entities of the Russian Federation, state policy in respect of small and indigenous peoples, the principles of ethnological expertise. The Russian nation, he said, would be devoted, most likely, a special section. “Gather the proposals of the working group members to the meeting of the Presidium of the presidential Council in April, then we can talk about the concept,” said Mr. Tishkov.

“We are still studying the proposals of experts,” confirmed “Kommersant” member of the working group, former Minister for nationalities Vladimir Zorin. He believes the name of the law “About bases of gosnatspolitiki in Russia” “out of options”. Most importantly, in his view, “to fix again at the legislative level, the idea of strategy gosnatspolitiki that went into real life”. The law, said Mr. Zorin should be based on the strategy, it needs to be spelled out goals netzpolitik: “strengthening nationwide civic consciousness and spiritual community of the multinational people of the Russian Federation (the Russian nation); the preservation and development of ethnic and cultural diversity of peoples; harmonization of interethnic relations; adaptation and integration of migrants”. Mr. Zorin, I am sure that the society in accordance with the stated objectives netzpolitik, and discussions around the concept of “one nation” are political in nature.

Member of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on the harmonization of ethnic and confessional relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin is sure that “it is necessary to unblock the debate in society, driven under the carpet, including the Russian nation.” Mr. Chaplin proposes “to remove the division between elites and peoples and to open a public open discussion on the main issues”, one of which he considers the question of state-forming role of the Russian people. To solve it, according to Mr. Chaplin, it is possible, by adopting two laws of the Russian nation and the Russian people.

Expert on national issues Magomed Omarov sure that normal law generosities can be written only on the basis of “comprehensive analysis of the country’s existing ethnic problem”: “is Now the real situation is unknown, the normal sociological research there are only on-call monitoring and reports.” The expert community, according to Mr. Omarov, “dares to say about real problems, not ready for a Frank conversation on this subject with the government and society”.

Natalia Gorodetskaya