The state Duma adopted the law on compulsory subtitles in national films

The state Duma adopted the law on compulsory subtitles in national films

MOSCOW, 7 Mar — RIA Novosti. The state Duma on Friday passed in the third reading the law obliging the national creators of the movies to provide a picture of the subtitles and Teplokommunenergo for the hearing impaired and visually impaired people, and of the distributors — to create an accessible environment for people with disabilities when viewing these movies.

In the law it is about the films made through available state funds. The law shall enter into force on 1 June 2017, except for certain provisions. Film distributors will need to ensure accessible environment for persons with disabilities January 1, 2018.

So, the law sets the mandatory subtitle (alternate for viewers with hearing the sound track of the movie or TV show) and diplommatinidae (concise description of the subject, space, or actions, which are incomprehensible to visually impaired without special verbal explanations) national feature films, created in an art or entertainment form, production and distribution, which are implemented with public support.

These changes, in the opinion of developers of the document, will allow disabled people to watch movies, going to the cinemas, along with all “that will create the necessary conditions for full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in social life and will provide equality of opportunity for the population of Russia”.