In the state Duma assessed the chances of the abolition of the sentence pardoned, Sebastiai

The sentence against convicted of treason Oksana, Sebastiai can be cancelled only if it is proven that she intentionally gave secret information to representatives of Georgia. About it in conversation with “ru” said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Mikhail Emelyanov Tuesday, March 7.

The MP stressed that the case of Sebastini requires further careful consideration. “If she told some secret information without intent, it must be justified”, — said Emelyanov.

However, in the case of her guilt, the abolition of the sentence unacceptable, the MP stressed. “I believe that such actions deserve punishment. Treason remains treason,” said he.

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, “guided by the principles of humanity”, Sebastiai pardoned, and freed her from further punishment in a penal colony.

The lawyer condemned Evgenie Smirnov has declared that his client intends to seek in the court of justification. “This sentence itself is illegal, and so it can not leave”, — he explained.

Krasnodar regional court has pronounced a sentence to the inhabitant of Sochi Oksana, Sebastini in March last year. She was found guilty of treason and sentenced to seven years imprisonment. The reason for the trial were two TEXT messages sent by the woman in 2008 before the conflict with Georgia. She wrote to his friend in this country, what I saw in Sochi train with military equipment heading towards Abkhazia.

Sewaside lawyer Ivan Pavlov said that “according to information of bodies of state security of Abkhazia, a friend of Sebastini served at that time in the Georgian special services”, but she didn’t know about it. In addition, the “train with tanks” was seen by many residents of Sochi, he stressed.