Found by farmer in Transbaikalia kittens turned wild predators

Found by farmer in Transbaikalia kittens turned wild predators

A touching story from Zabaykalsky Krai is distributed in the global Network. One Russian farmer walked his land and noticed four little helpless lump of fur. Nothing like them he had not seen before.

Survival animals was clearly under threat. Not knowing how to classify creatures found and what assistance they provide, the man addressed in Daursky nature reserve, writes Honest to Paws.

They quickly determined that the kittens were parusovye cats, or salvation. This is the famous rare species of wild cat living in Central Asia.

The reserve staff decided to find kittens nursing mothers. Fortunately, two local house cats took the babies into care, if their own. The kittens have started to grow, and reserve staff all more in love with them.

But, unfortunately, with furry friends had to part, still, the Pallas ‘ cats — wild animals. However, the first attempt to return the kittens in their natural habitat was unsuccessful. In the first winter the man’ula lost the radio collars, which gave them the reserve to track their development, and also lost a lot of weight. Then the people again picked wild cats under his wing and re-released them into the wild in the spring, when the cats were easier to adapt in nature.

At this time, the cats adapted to the new, natural way of life, quite successfully and now they are doing well.