Advisor Poroshenko told the date of the end of the war in the Donbas

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov suggestedthat the armed conflict in Donbas can last for about one and a half to two years. He stated this in an interview with news portal ONLINE.UA.


Biryukov noted that accurate information on the issue, he does not have. However, it is likely to be guided by empirical experience. “My feeling is that another year and a half or two, probably,” he said.


Advisor to the President explained that while in Ukraine there is no solution to the conflict in the Donbas – neither the civilian nor the military. At the same time, insists Biryukov, the militia – also there are no any options.


“To reach the borders of Donetsk, Luhansk region? Kharkov people’s Republic? Yeah! Now! There generally is no options”, — explained his position, he.

Photo: Irina Gerashchenko, RIA Novosti