Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia has suggested to deprive of the high school graduates incentive to engage in prostitution

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia proposed to increase the minimum age at which prostitutes can legally provide sexual services, from 18 to 25 years. About it reports with reference to sources in Department.

According to the head of the working group, state Secretary of the Ministry of interior Dimitry Trofimov, the legislation “gives the signal” high school graduates that they can legally engage in prostitution. “If the age is raised to 25 years, the state will give a signal to young people that can be found and the normal activities in life,” said the official.

Prostitution in Latvia is not prohibited, but the provision of such services is accompanied by several limitations. Thus, the services of a sexual nature it is impossible to provide outside of the housing taken on rent under the contract or owned. According to the law, the penalty for violation of this rule ranges from 350 to 700 euros.

March 3 March against fines for prostitution was held in Kiev. Among the demands of activists — the admission of prostitutes to the government.