Media: the government has abandoned the idea of selling alcohol tinctures recipe

Photo: RIA Novosti The government has abandoned the idea of selling alcohol-based tinctures according to the recipes, as this would lead to additional burden on insurance companies and hospitals, reports the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the official representative Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin Natalia Platonova. “Now every visit to the doctor is considered as an insured event. Therefore, the insurance company pays for all doctor visits. Finance thus a prescription-valocordin or hawthorn not”, — the newspaper quotes her words. Platonov said that the arguments about increasing the financial burden on insurers represented by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. “They decided that limiting the amount of packaging and number of bubbles alcohol-containing medicines dispensed in one hand, will complicate their use as a drink. It does not have a problem with buying drugs from those who use the drug on purpose,” — write “news” with reference to

Trump called on to investigate a wiretap of his conversations with Obama before the election

Trump called on to investigate a wiretap of his conversations with Obama before the election The US President Donald trump called on Congress to investigate the abuse of powers of administration of the former head of state Barack Obama, who allegedly had his phones tapped during the election campaign. About this in his Twitter wrote the press Secretary of the trump Sean Spicer. He said that reports of “potentially motivated political investigations” before the election is worrying. “President trump asked that in the investigation of the activities of the congressional committees on intelligence has fulfilled its oversight and found out whether there was a violation of Executive powers in 2016,” wrote Spicer. He noted that neither the White house nor the trump would not comment on the situation until the investigation is completed. On the eve of the US President Obama accused of tapping his phone in October 2016. According

Thousands of French came to support the Fillon at the rally in Paris

Thousands of French came to support the Fillon at the rally in Paris PARIS 5 Mar — RIA Novosti. Thousands of Frenchmen, despite the rain and strong wind, came to the Trocadero in Paris to support the candidate from the largest opposition party, the Republicans, the former Prime Minister françois Fillon. “They think that I’m alone. They want me to be alone. We’re alone in here?” — Fillon said a loud “No!” to their supporters. He noted that recently became a target for attacks from all sides. “Despite the fact that all the charges against me are unfair, abusive and used for certain purposes, I need to apologize to you. In particular, for the fact that he had to defend his honor and the honor of his wife, when it is necessary to protect the country,” said Fillon. La France silencieuse est là ! Debout ! Nous ne nous pas

Georgia will be asked to clarify the offer of the Vienna open centres for refugees outside the EU

Georgia will be asked to clarify the offer of the Vienna open centres for refugees outside the EU Tbilisi intends to clarify what constitutes an initiative of Vienna for the opening of reception centers for refugees in Georgia, Egypt and the Balkan countries. On Sunday, March 5, stated the Georgian Ambassador to Austria Konstantin zaldastanishvili, reports RIA Novosti. “This issue was not discussed in any of the official meetings. In particular, this question was not on the agenda during the visit Kurtz (Sebastian Kurz, foreign Minister of Austria — approx. “Of the”) in Georgia, which took place a month ago”, — said the diplomat. The Ambassador added that next week will start consultations with the Austrian party, “during which it will become clear what we are dealing with”. Earlier in the day, the Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz said on the need to open centres for

Kartapolov: participation of the armed forces and good preparation helped liberate Palmyra

Andrey Kartapolov © Mikhail Metzel/TASS PALMYRA /Syria/, March 5. /TASS/. The release of the Syrian Palmyra from terrorists managed thanks to the careful preparation of the operation, part of the armed forces and the dedication of the soldiers of the Syrian army. This was stated to journalists the commander of Russian troops in Syria, Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov. “The operation to liberate Palmyra went as planned. We spent a long time preparing, we took into account the features that were in previous capture of Palmyra, which allowed to perform the task in a rather short time, with minimal losses”, – he said.

Israel decriminalized the use of marijuana

The government of Israel approved a proposal to decriminalize marijuana use. About it on March 5, according to the Jerusalem Post. Under the new rules, which first caught the customer off with a fine instead of a prison sentence. If he gets caught again, the amount of the payment will be doubled. The third time, the offender may be sent to rehabilitation, and also deprive a driver’s license or a license for the right of gun ownership. A criminal case can be initiated in that case, if the offender is caught for the fourth time. According to “Russian service bi-Bi-si”, the amount of the initial fine will be $ 270. While Israel was the first country in the middle East, where decriminalized cannabis use. This country is a world leader in the study of the use of marijuana for medical purposes. According to the official data of the Israeli Ministry

ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in the headquarters of the “Jabhat Fatah al-sham”

The militants “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” In the Syrian town of Azaz on the territory of the headquarters of the Islamist movement “Jabhat Fatah al-sham”, better known under the old name “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra”, an explosion. About it reports TV channel “al-Mayadin”. In the attack, seven people were killed, there are wounded, but their exact number is unknown. It is assumed that it was made by the organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia): it sent the gunman entered the building, where is located the command post of the rival group, and detonated a suicide belt. “Jabhat Fatah al-sham (the Front for the conquest of Syria”) is a branch of “al-Qaeda” in Syria and Lebanon. Originally founded in 2012 under the name “Jabhat al-Nusra”. Later changed name and became part of the Islamist coalition “Jaish-al-Fath”. The militants “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” has repeatedly committed war crimes, cracking down on prisoners by government

Representative Blair commented on the rumors about his job in the team trump

Tony Blair The representative of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair commented on the rumors that the politician intends to enter a team for the new US President Donald trump. About it reports The Guardian. All the information that Blair was led on this occasion any negotiations with the Trustees of trump, she called inventions. “Mr Blair did not show any desire to become the President’s special envoy on the Middle East, she explained. — In addition, he did not conduct any negotiations on this subject and never discussed the possibility of work for the current American President. He is engaged in the middle East peace process for 10 years and don’t intend to stop this work.” About what Donald trump can attract Tony Blair in the ranks of his administration, first reported by the Daily Mail in the night from Saturday to Sunday, March 5. The newspaper suggested

Catapult air force pilot ATS stated that he was shot down

Catapulted the pilot of the Syrian air force, whose plane crashed the day before, said that he was shot down. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the media.   On the eve of the Syrian military has reported a loss of communication with aircraft on the border with Turkey. The pilot at the crash site was not found. It later emerged that he managed to eject and land on the territory of Turkey.   Earlier, Turkish media reported that rescuers found the pilot who ran the aircraft alone, was taken to the gendarmerie, and then hospitalized in the state hospital, Hatay.   Members of the radical group “Ahrar al-sham”, said that the plane was shot down the MiG-21 in North-West Syria. Video: T_o_P game W_o_T replays / Youtube

Militants shelled the suburbs of Damascus

Militants fired from rocket launchers in the Northern suburb of Harasta near Damascus.   As reported by RT, according to the police, on the territory of the suburbs exploded about ten ammunition. As a result of the shelling two people were killed and ten were injured.   The report said that the military operations were conducted from the district of Eastern ghouta, much of which is under the control of the extremists. The last time a suburb of Damascus came under fire by armed gangs on February 23. Photo: Ahrar_Lens / twitter