In Moscow declared a “yellow” level of risk

In Moscow declared a “yellow” level of danger on Monday 6 March. About it reports TV channel “360” with reference to the hydrometeorological center of Russia.   According to meteorologists, in Moscow is expected to high humidity, precipitation and icing. The air temperature in the capital region is expected to +1…+3 °C. the Wind will reach 11 m/s.   Rescuers urge motorists to avoid traveling on the cars, and pedestrians to be extremely attentive. High risk of accidents on the roads.   Photo: Dmitry Ermakov ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress

The army of Syria with the support of videoconferencing freed from ISIS 99 settlements

Since the beginning of this year the army of Syria with the support of videoconferencing freed from the banned terrorist group ISIL 99 settlements. It is reported by the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria.   “The number of settlements freed by Syrian government forces from armed groups ISIL has increased to 99”, — stated in the message.Since the beginning, the terrorists released 2690,4 sq km of Syrian territory.   The second of March, the army of ATS with the support of videoconferencing made up a special operation for the liberation of Palmyra. This city had once fought off in March 2016, but in December they again managed to get it under control. Video: Rusvesna.su1812 / YouTube Photo: Bassem Tellawi Xinhua / globallookpress

In the suburbs due to the outbreak of bird flu hospitalized 14 people

On poultry farms in three districts of the Moscow region was the outbreak of avian influenza. In hospital hospitalized 14 employees exposed to a sick bird. On Sunday, March 5 “” has informed a source in medical circles of the region. According to him, mandatory veterinary samples from 28 February, the experts found genetic material of avian flu. The information is entered on March 3, immediately after receipt of laboratory analyses. Sunday, March 5, the re-analyses yielded positive results. “The infected material was received from three districts of the Moscow region Pushkin, Sergiev Posad and Shchelkovo. It most likely was the poultry farm of the village of Shchelkovo Biokombinat in the area. Eve began observational activity (observation of healthy people in contact with patients, unlike quarantine, where they put people who already have signs of the disease — approx. “Of the”). While the signs of disease at poultry farms

Russian biathlete Virolainen won early in the overall IBU Cup

Russian Daria Virolainen ahead of schedule became the winner of the Big Crystal globe, awarded to the winner of the General offset of the Cup of the International biathlon Union (IBU). This was reported on the website of the IBU. At all stages Virolainen scored 684 points, her compatriot Anna Nikulina, coming second with 526 points. At the last IBU Cup in Estonia, the Russian woman does not speak: it is called in the main part of the Russian team at the world Cup. However, Nikulin will not be able to catch up with her. Also Virolainen became the owner of the Small Crystal globe in pursuit. At the biathlon world Championships, held from 8 to 19 February in Hochfilzen, she was part of the Russian team, but did not race.

In Mosul caught cousin “Caliph” of ISIS al-Baghdadi

In Mosul caught cousin “Caliph” of ISIS al-Baghdadi In Mosul, Iraqi forces arrested a cousin of the head of the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Video of his arrest posted on Youtube. The name of the gunman was not reported, we only know that he is a relative of “the Caliph of ISIS,” on the paternal side and was captured in the area of El-Gusak. Get it was possible thanks to data collected by the Iraqi intelligence.

In Kazan shot at the car of the press Secretary of Tatfondbank

In Kazan shot at the car of the press Secretary of Tatfondbank Yuliya Garayeva does not link the incident with his professional activities, according to her, most likely, a hole in the windshield of the car appeared after a shot from the pneumatic weapon. KAZAN, March 5. /TASS/. A bullet hole was discovered on the windshield of his car, the press Secretary of Tatfondbank Yuliya Garayeva. She announced this on Sunday, TASS reported. Indeed, yesterday I found on the windshield hole of unknown origin. Went to the service, I was told that this hole is likely from a BB gun. Literally had briefly left the car in the Parking lot, and there it was.Julia Varaiables Secretary of Tatfondbank She believes that this may not be related to her professional activities. Most likely, involves Garaeva, the glass smashed by the hooligans. Kid Julia in the car at the time of the

The media has named the best city for Dating

The media has named the best city for Dating Dating and chat with new people is an integral part of travel. And some cities that are more than others. Internet service selection of hotels and hostels Hostelworld, interviewing 12,000 people from 28 countries, made the list of cities most suitable for making new acquaintances, reports The Independent. The rating is based on criteria such as social life (i.e. how often people meet each other to do things together), communication (how people prefer personal communication) and social environment (how often events like parties). The list was headed by the Swedish city of Gothenburg. This city was a leader on such indicators as social values and the social environment. This means that citizens highly value personal contact, enjoy parties, trusted by their friends, tolerant and open to different situations. In second place was the Swedish capital. Stockholm was the second criterion such

Found the relationship between personality type and a healthy lifestyle

Found the relationship between personality type and a healthy lifestyle People who are open to new experiences — for example, likes to travel, is more inclined to a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, shows a new study. The researchers analyzed the habits of more than 1,000 young people aged 17 to 25 years. Participants were asked to take a test to measure the “big five” personal qualities: openness to learning, conscientiousness, extraversion, friendliness and neuroticism. Then the part of the experiment participants were asked to keep a diet diary for 21 days, and the other for 13 days, says The Huffington Post. The subjects who received the highest scores in the category “openness to learning”, eating 4.5 times more dishes with fruits and vegetables in a week compared to those who scored the lower score. In addition, “open”, the participants ate less junk food like chips and fast food. Agreeableness

Israel decriminalized the use of marijuana

Israel decriminalized the use of marijuana The Israeli Cabinet approved the decriminalization of marijuana use. According to the proposal put forward by the ministries of public security and justice, the man who was caught consuming marijuana in a public place should be fined, not prosecuted. The penalty would be about 270 dollars. When re-arrest it will be doubled. The third time the offender will be under the supervision of the authorities, but after a relatively short period will be completely free. Only in the case of the fourth caught will be prosecuted. Funds received from fines will be directed to education programmes on drug use. Israel was the first country in the middle East, where decriminalized the use of marijuana. This country is a world leader in the study of the use of marijuana for medical purposes. According to Professor Raphael Meshulam of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, studying the

Patrushev discussed the plan for the development of the defense enterprise Kurganpribor

Photo: RIA Novosti The Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in the framework of the working visit on Friday, I visited defense enterprises of JSC “NPO Kurganpribor and discussed the prospects of development of the plant, implementation of the state defense order and civil products. Patrushev was accompanied by the Plenipotentiary of RF President in the Urals Federal district Igor Kholmanskikh and Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin. Kurganpribor specializiruetsya on the issue of the instrument and sleeve products for defense and civilian character, fuses and components of missiles. Later on Friday in Kurgan Patrushev will hold a visiting meeting, which, together with the Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Urals Federal district will discuss with the heads of subjects of the Federation included in the Federal district, and representatives of Federal ministries and agencies measures to ensure information security in the activities of bodies of