The police of Sri Lanka trying to scare the Russian tourists

Russian tourists detained in Sri Lanka on Friday told the TV channel “Star” that the local police attempted intimidation.


“On my word, we’re ready now to go to Moscow just laughed. Said that it is their country that they will show us the power and we’ll sit here,” said one of the detainees.


He also talked about how, in what conditions they have to exist in the prison barracks. According to people who have already spent a lot of time, it is best to sleep in shifts, because a lot of steal. That is why nine Russians have to comply with this rule.


“Here people of many nationalities is not quite adequate. Many Arabs, the Nigerians, the British, too, have been waiting that long. But they are here for a very long time! And it care really! Received recommendation to take turns sleeping because COO personal things,” added the Russian.

Video: Mikhail Stepanenko / facebook, canarysurfing / instagram

Photo: canarysurfing / instagram