The government of Sevastopol allowed the demolition of unauthorized constructions without a court order


RIA Novosti

The government of Sevastopol approved the decision on the demolition of unauthorized capital structures in the city. On Thursday, March 2, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Previously, the legal relationship has not been settled. Capital projects can be demolished only on the basis of a court decision. This procedure was delayed for years, so we took the practice of other subjects of the Russian Federation. For example, in Moscow such objects were demolished after the suggestions to the owner of the illegal facility to dismantle it yourself,” said the Director of the Department of land and property relations Rustem zaynullin.

He added that the decision was taken due to the fact that often the owners of buildings is difficult to establish. “We did some owners can not be found together with law enforcement agencies, consequently, no one to hold in court. So now we rely on the decision of the Commission,” the official said.

On February 22, the Crimean government has allocated one billion roubles for demolition in 2017, more than nine thousand illegal buildings, reported the Agency “Kriminform”. The head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov said that “demolition is not an end in itself”. According to him, the main thing is the improvement of human settlements, the creation of the Peninsula a comfortable environment. “It is a question of legality and punishment CADS and swindlers, who for a long time spat on the law. It is impossible to earn to the detriment of the interests of Crimeans, to the detriment of the image of the Crimea”, — he stressed.